The famous Andhra Pradesh arts and crafts are much known for their beautiful aesthetic and utilitarian value. Today, the craft traditions of the Andhra Pradesh state have flourished into full-fledged industries in themselves. The Craft of Banjara Needle Crafts (Embroidery),Bidri Craft,Budithi Brassware, Durgi Stone Craft are some of the arts form of Andhra Pradesh, contrived by Indian craftsmen, that have made a special place and demand in the international market.

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Arts and Crafts of Andhra Pradesh

There is no dearth of exuberant culture and traditions in andhra Pradesh. Here you can find many forms of performing arts, handlooms and curios. The range of handicrafts is absolutely fantastic at Andhra Pradesh. They hold a special place in the culture and tradition of the state.

¤ Handicrafts

Some of the most exquisite handicrafts are found in Andhra Pradesh. Many of them evolved from within the state whereas some were brought by the people coming to this magnificent state.

¤ Banjara Needle Crafts (Embroidery)

Arts and Crafts of Andhra PradeshThis art form belongs to the nomads and gypsies of Andhra Pradesh. The embroidery of this form is live and vibrant. Banjaras in Andhra Pradesh display their colorful lifestyle through their exuberant clothes.

¤ Bidri Craft

This craft belongs to the the city of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh. It basically involves silver inlay on metal, which is very exquisite. There are many legends related to its entry and exit into the country and then to Andhra Pradesh.

¤ Bronze Castings

The famous bronze idols were based on the verses from the Shilpashastra. These verses were called dhyana. These verses instruct the craftsmen about the physical measurements, proportions, description of the deity, characteristics, symbolism and above all, aesthetics.

¤ Budithi Brassware

The Budithi Brassware originated from a small village called Budithi in central Srikakulam, a district in Andhra Pradesh. This place is famous for creating beautiful shapes out of alloys. These shapes are also available in modern as well as antique style.

¤ Pembarthi Metal Crafts

Pembarthi is a small village located in the state of Andhra Pradesh at about 100 kms from Hyderabad. The village is famed worldwide for its unmatched brassware tradition. This meticulous brass work art flourished during the reign of Kakatiyas empire.

¤ Durgi Stone Craft

The famous Durgi stone craft originated in the Durgi. It is situated 10 Kms from Macherla in Andhra Pradesh. There is a school of sculpture and stone carving located here, which imparts this ancient skill. Some of the masterpieces of Durgi Stone Craft is found at the Nagarjunakonda museum.

¤ Kondapalli Toys

The famous Kondapalli toys are made of softwood, known as Tella Poniki. These toys are also made up of sawdust, tamarind seed powder, enamel gums and watercolors. After the toy is carved on the wood, a paste made of tamarind, wood and sawdust is applied for giving further shapes and attaching limbs etc., to the toy. This art form belongs to the Kondapalli district of Andhra Pradesh.

¤ Lacquer Ware

The Lacquer craft is widely found in Etikoppaka in Andhra Pradesh. This place is one of the major centers of this craft. The Lacquer craft involves the application of lacquer on wood in pleasing shades to create a distinguishing appeal.

¤ Nirmal Arts - Paintings & Toys

The Nirmal art is generally found in the Nirmal town, Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh. Here, many craftsmen known as Nakash reside. They are involved in Niramal arts, in which scenes from the Hindu epics, Mahabharata and Ramayana are painted.

¤ Veena Manufacturing

At Bobbili in Andhra Pradesh, the oldest musical instrument, Saraswati Veena is manufactured. This instrument is even mentioned in almost all ancient texts. It is an integral part of Carnatic music, famous all over the world for its melody and harmony.

¤ Handlooms

The handlooms of Andhra Pradesh are of excellent quality. It is also famous for its fine saris all over the world. Every region of the state has its own style and weave.

¤ Chirala Textiles

The textiles of Chirala are quite famous. The Chirala textile is made by using a large quantity of oil, which is used in preparing yarn for weaving. After the fabric is ready, it is wrapped with wax & clay before being dyed in selected colors .

¤ Dharmavaram Saris

The Dharmavaram in Andhra Pradesh is famous for silk saris all over the world. These saris are specially worn on functions. They have simple, plain borders without much contrast. The borders of these saris are commonly broad having brocaded gold patterns. The borders also have butta and the pallus of the saris have exclusive designs.

¤ Eluru Carpets

The Eluru in Andhra Pradesh is famous for its woolen pile carpet industry. This art from was brought to India by the Persians who migrated to Andhra Pradesh during the Muhammaddin regime. Later, they developed the carpet industry here.

¤ Gadwal Saris

Gadwal located in Andhra Pradesh is famous all over the world for its beautiful saris. The body of the Sari is cotton whereas the border and pallu are in silk. The cotton and silk fabrics are woven separately and then attached together.

¤ Ikat Weaving Handlooms

This is a skill that requires a lot of intricacy. It is a style of weaving, where the yarn is randomly dyed in natural zigzag or geometric patterns. The Ikat weaving originated in Nalgonda district of andhra Pradesh. This internationally acclaimed weaving form, is now practiced mainly in Puttapaka, Pochampalli and Chautuppal villages of andhra Pradesh.

¤ Kalamkari Fabrics

The Kalamkari is a fabric famous all over the world for its beautiful vegetable colors used on the clothes. These fabrics include a range of special mythological designs for Hindus, prayer carpets for Mohammadans, tent lining cloth, chintz, table clothes and curtain clothes printed in attractive colors. This art form is found at Machilipatnam in andhra pradesh.

¤ Mangalagiri Sarees

The Mangalagiri saris and dress materials are made from Mangalgiri cotton, which is quite popular here. Mangalagiri, located 12 Kms from Vijayawada is also an important pilgrimage center in Andhra Pradesh.

¤ Uppada Sarees Handlooms

The Uppada saris are produced in Uppada, a beach town located 20 kms from Kakinada. It is famous for attractively designed cotton saris. At Peddapuram, 20 kms from Kakinada one can buy delicately designed silk saris created by local artisans.

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