Nagarjunasagar India travel guide is a perfect blend of waterfalls,wildlife sanctuaries and magnificent temple attractions. Nagarjunasagar travel offers you vast opportunities to visit the famous Nagarjunasagar Dam, sightseeing and making your stay in hotel resorts in Nagarjunasagar. Nagarjunasagar is a upcoming tourist destination that endorses many travel attractions.

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India - Andhra Pradesh - Nagarjuna Sagar Travel Gudie

Nagarjuna Sagar Travel Gudie

Location : 150 kms from Hyderabad
Attractions : Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, Ethipotala Waterfall, Nagarjuna Konda , Ideal Time To Visit : October To February

Nagarjuna Sagar
¤ Nagarjuna Sagar, An Important Buddhist Site

The town of Nagarjuna Sagar is located150 km away from Hyderabad and is located between the cities of Guntur and Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh. It is one of the major Buddhist sites of India. Here, there is a famous dam, which is one of the largest dams built in Asia. It is one of the earliest hydro-electric projects of India. Definitely, a must visit travel site.

¤ The Town

This destination is regarded as one of the beautiful travel places in India. The town was also called Vijayapuri, the city of victory in ancient times. Named after the Buddhist saint Acharya Nagarjuna, presently the Nagarjuna Sagar area is divided into three settlements, Vijayapuri (commonly referred as V.P.South), Pylon and Hill colony.

¤ Attractions In Nagarjuna Sagar

Nagarjuna Konda
The exotic island of Nagarjuna konda emerges out of the artificial lake of the Nagarjuna Sagar dam. There is a Buddhist museum situated at Nagarjunakonda, having a good collection of Buddhist relics and structures discovered in excavations, when the dam was being constructed. These remains date back to the 3rd century AD. Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department runs boat service to this island from Vijayapuri or Nagarjuna Sagar.

Ethipotala Waterfall
The Ethipotala waterfall is located around15 miles away from Nagarjuna Sagar. This lies on the way to Macherla. This beautiful waterfall is equipped with facilities like guest houses, etc.

Rajiv Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary
Wildlife sanctuary is one of the most important sanctuaries in Andhra Pradesh. The sanctuary also boasts of a Project Tiger Reserve. Apart from the mighty tiger, a variety of animals, birds and reptiles are also found here.

¤ Reach Nagarjuna Sagar

By Air : Hyderabad is the nearest airport to Nagarjuna Sagar. It is located 150 km away.
By Rail : The nearest railway station is at Macherla, about 24 km from Nagarjuna Sagar.
By Road : There are regular buses from Hyderbad, Guntur and Vijayawada to Nagarjuna Sagar.

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