Pembarthi, a little village in Andhra Pradesh has managed to keep alive the brassware tradition in India. The great quality brass work of the craftsmen here draws umpteen tourists and true lovers of art & craft to the place.

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Pembarthi Metal Crafts

Pembarthi is a small village located in the state of Andhra Pradesh at about 100 kms from Hyderabad. The village is famed worldwide for its unmatched brassware tradition. This meticulous brass work art flourished during the reign of Kakatiyas empire. Kakatiyas extensively used sheet metal art to adorn chariots and temples. But the art lost its significance with the collapse of the empire. However during the rule of Nizams of Hyderabad the brass work got back its lost glory. Pembarthi becomes a must visit for all the lovers of art and crafts and specially for those who are keen to know a great deal about the sheet metal art.

¤ History of Brass work in India

Earlier in India the artists basically showed their inherited talent in various stone carvings in and around temples. But later when brass became common they began experimenting with this material. The ruins of the Vijaynagar empire at Hampi are the perfect examples of brass work brought in to focus by the ancestors of Pembarthi craftsmen. Though being one of the finest arts of India, it has somehow managed to survive only in the small village of Pembarthi.

¤ The Flourishing Art

Just as a relief from mass produced dully uniform items many customers from different countries prefer unique items of Pembarthi craftsmanship. The Pembarthi designs are very different from Muradabad and Benaras brassware though the brass sheet used is the same. The material is being used by many architects in the design of several items. The demand of deities and other Koranic carvings has declined but the artisans are busy making prize shields, commemoratives, gifts and wall plaques. The Pembarthi craftsmen are trying to pass this craft tradition to their children and hope to find this art in a very widespread state in the coming future.

¤ How To Reach
Pembarthi is located at a distance of 100 kms from Hyderabad and 60 kms from Janagaon Warangal district.

By Air - Hyderabad airport is the nearest airport.

By Rail - Janagaon and Warangal are the nearest railway stations.

By Raod - From Warangal, Janagaon is well connected by road. There are buses that pass at a frequent intervals. Private transport is also available.

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