Indian Arts And Crafts For centuries Indian art craft have been distinguished for their magnificent aesthetic and utilitarian value. The diverse and abstruse range of Indian craft forms contrived by Indian craftsmen have a special place and demand in international market.

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Arts & Crafts of India

Arts & Crafts of India The first thing that attracts most visitors to India is the sheer abundance of color. Just look around you – the many idols of gods and goddesses, the clothes, the trucks and all the knick-knacks in the dozens of shops you see at Delhi’s Janpath are a riot of color. This is the magic of famous Indian arts and crafts that make this country a popular travel attraction across the globe.

¤ Indian Art Craft - The Work of Skilled Artisans

All this is the work of thousands of unsung, unappreciated artisans and craftsmen who make magic with their very hands. They are the ones who make those fabulous tie-and-dye skirts, those fantastically embroidered Gujarati cholis, that lacquered furniture and that beautifully studded silver jewellery. India may be a land of farmers but it is equally a land of artisans who are an integral part of Indian art and culture.

¤ Famous Arts And Crafts In India - Loosing Its Charm
Unfortunately, Indian arts and crafts have been teetering on the edge of extinction for a long time. Demand for indigenous arts and crafts nose-dived with the setting up of large-scale industry in India. After all, in a poor country like India, machine-made saris – to give you but one example – are cheaper and therefore more affordable than handloom saris. The list is endless. This has left artisans with little choice but to abandon their age-old professions and become common laborers, factory workers or government clerks. In either case, the loss has been of ours.

¤ Indian Arts And Crafts - Trying To Revive
Thankfully, efforts have been made by both government and non-government agencies to keep our art and craft tradition alive and kicking. Here then is an overview of the major arts and crafts of India.

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