Indian Cuisine is becoming the most famous cuisine all around the world. Cuisine in India is so diverse and full of variety and taste that it requires a life span to quench your lust for Indian food delicacies. The North Indian Cuisine, South Indian Cuisine, East and West Indian Cuisine, has nurtured there own culinary tastes using different combination of spices. Rich and diverse Indian cuisine is simply irresistible and sumptuous, Indian dishes are any food critic's delight.

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Cuisines of India

Indian Cuisines

¤ Diverse Cuisine

All those who think Indian cuisine begins and ends with curry, get ready for a big surprise. The character of cuisine in India is essentially regional; reasons for this must be found in the sheer size of the country which forced every area to develop a style of cooking of its own. In times gone by transportation was a problem, and this meant that each area had to come up with a style of food which made do with the locally available materials. As a result, not only dishes, but flavors, colors, methods of cooking, down to even the style of cutting the vegetables prior to be cooked changes as often as the landscape does.

¤ Cuisine Adopted By Different Religion

What has helped along this diversity is the amazing number of religions and the sects and sub-sects within them; each of them often have strict dietary codes. For example, Hindu Brahmins may not eat onions, ginger and garlic, meat which meant that a special cuisine came up around that bias and so on. Whereas Christians and Muslims favors meat eating.

The most striking contrast in eating habits shows up between the meat-and-bread eating northern regions and the pulse-and-rice southern regions.

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