Southern India cuisine is full of mouth watering delicacies, the very mentioning of the name of South Indin cuisine, brings to ones mind the tastes of Idlis, dosas, Sambhar and Vada. Southern India cuisine is much more than this, that can really a lavish treat for you taste buds. South India vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes have a generous blend of spices and coconuts not to be missed in any way on your South India vacation tours.

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Southern India Cuisine

Southern India Cuisines

Rice is served everywhere and always in south India and flour-based breads are rare, if at all. Rice is used to polish off the very spicy curries of the south, which are in a more liquid manner than those of the north. These curries are often pulse-based and if this sounds restricting, you'll be surprised at what a few spices here and there can do to completely change the taste of things.
The south Indians put chillies, mustard, coconut oil and various other spicy seeds to very effective use to conjure up mouthwatering dishes like dosas (rice pancakes stuffed with potatoes and vegetables), idlis (rice dumplings served with sambar), and so on.

¤ Goan Cuisine Delicacies

An interesting aside here is the Goan cuisine, which effectively mixes local Konkan and Portuguese (who ruled this area for two centuries) flavors.
The Goan cuisine with its tongue-curling hot vindaloo curries and distinctive sweet and sour dishes is very popular all over the western ghat region.
An amusing dish is the Bombay Duck – which is neither from Bombay nor a duck, but a small sun-dried fish cut and sold in strips.

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