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Alai Minar

Alai Minar


Alaiminar is an incomplete monument that lies within the famous Qutub Minar Complex. Today this monument stands as no more than a heaving core of rubble. Had it been completed by its maker Alauddin Khilji the monument would have been ornately decorated with stone carvings intricate design as per his intention. However standing at 24.5 meters high from the base of the monument the minar stands silently among the other illustrious building monuments in the world famous Minar complex.

Alaiminar was one man’s ambition and this ambition rested with him forever. After one of his many wins in the Deccan expedition the Sultan dreamt of constructing a minar or tower to commemorate his victory. He wanted to be remembered not only for his fitting exploits in the battlefield but also as the man who built the most specutular monument that would outshine the Qutub Minar built by Qutub-ud-din Aibak, a predecessor to the sultan. He also executed the plans for the Quwwat-ul-Islam Masjid by four times its size to provide a ceremonial entrance for both sides of the mosque. He also wished for another tower to be dedicated for his victories. But as the old adage from scripture goes, he set out to build a tower but did not plan the manner in which he would execute the project. The first story was completed at 24.5 feet and was intended to be decorated ornately with stone carvings and designs. However the demise of the commissioner of the monument Sultan Alauddin Khilji bought construction to a grinding halt never to be completed or touched again. Work on the monument was stopped in 1316 AD. The successors to the throne could not in any manner continue construction and the Delhi sultanate was taken over by Tughlaq dynasty. They lacked the power and the prowess that made Sultan Khilji one of the most ferocious leaders of the sultanate for two long decades. Apart from being one of the fiercest warriors he was patron of arts and sciences.

This gargantuan ruin structure to the north of Qutub Minar today is a testimony to the Mughal stubbornness to create architectural marvel. Today what remains is unfinished base of a thought off mammoth monument. The monument is also a perfect example of “over ambition” over reality pointing out that blindness of “over ambition” only leads only to destruction and disappointment.

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