On your pilgrimage tours to Delhi, India don't miss to visit the grand Bara Gumbad Masjid, The mosque was built in the reign of Sikander Lodi (1489-1517). Bara Gumbad Masjid is a small structure with its magnificent paintings on its walls. Definitely a must visit site in Delhi, India.

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India - Delhi - Places To See - Bara Gumbad Masjid

Bara Gumbad Masjid (1494)

Bara Gumbad Masjid Towards the right, set a little back from Muhammad Shah's tomb is the Bara Gumbad. This is a square tomb with an all-encompassing massive dome, which leaves hardly any space for a roof. It is decorated with stuccowork and painting from inside, while the outside is a mix of grey, red and black.

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