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Customs and Immigration

¤ Duty Free Allowance

Feel free to bring in any kind of electronic gadgets you want to India. However video cameras and laptops may have to be entered on a Tourist Baggage Re-export form (TBRE). This is to ensure that you take them back with you and not sell them here. So check.

Declaration is required in case of jewellery, special camera equipment and lenses and sound recorders. (It is not necessary to declare still cameras though.) Declaration forms will require serial numbers of the equipment. Still to these forms like glue, for they may have to be shown to the customs when you're leaving.
The official customs allowance includes 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars, 0.95 litres of alcohol, a camera with five rolls of films and a pair of binoculars. If you are entering India from Nepal, you are cannot import anything free of duty.

¤ Prohibited Items

Import of plants, drugs, gold and silver coins not in use and gold and silver bullion are strictly prohibited. Firearms may be imported into India only with special permission.

¤ Export Restrictions

You can take back gold jewellery purchased in India only up to the value of Rs 2,000 and other jewellery up to Rs 10,000. Export of antiques and art objects over 100 years old, ivory, skins of all animals, snakeskin, and items made from them are strictly banned.

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