Goa, a travel paradise, nestles between the seas and the lush forested hills. Goa forest treasures the magnificent wildlife in Goa. The jungles are the home to diverse wildlife population , tigers, elephants, variety of reptiles and of course the wide range of aerial population living in the numerous wildlife parks and sanctuaries of Goa.

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Goa Wildlife Sanctuaries

¤ Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

Distance :52km from Panaji, 38km from Margao

Salim Ali Bird SanctuaryAway from the coast, the Goan landscape breaks into the dramatic and green foothills of the Western Ghats. These foothills shelter the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary; the smallest wildlife reserve in Goa, which occupies an area of 80sq. km. The sanctuary has the sambar, gaur (Indian bison) and wild boar, amongst others animals. Elephants have been spotted here at times. Perhaps they come in from across Karnataka to enjoy the sea breeze and check out Goa. The sanctuary houses a botanical garden, a rose garden, a small deer-park and a zoo, which was initially established to shelter orphaned animals.

¤ Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

At the confluence of the Mandovi and Mapusa Rivers lies the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, spread across an area of 2sq. km. in the Charoa Island. The wildlife sanctuary supports rich mangrove forests, which are home to a host of birds, a sizeable population of flying foxes, jackals, crocodiles, turtles and some other life forms endemic to coastal wildlife.

¤ The Mandovi-Zuari Wildlife sSanctuary

has a stretch of rich mangrove swamps, considered to be amongst the most important in the country. Spread over a vast area, this wildlife sanctuary is home to about 20 different species of mangroves that include the rare Kandelia candel species. The swamps support a large variety of fish, birds, jackals, snakes, and crocodiles, to name a few.

¤ Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuaries

Distance : 60km from Panaji

Getting to the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary is a little tedious; but if you are in the mood to be in the middle of woods and discover the quieter side of Goa, the journey is well worth the trouble. Catigao is Goa’s second largest wildlife reserve. The 105sq. km. of forested land provides shelter to a number of birds and animals. If you go with the intention of seeing some of India’s legendary fauna here, then you could be in for a disappointment, as spotting the more famous wild animals is not extremely common. But the expansive forestland is a welcome change.

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