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Tourist Attractions in Barog

¤ An Ideal Stop Over

Altitude : 1680 m

Barog is a cute little place immerging as a major holiday attraction to spend a day in. It used to be an important stop in the early decades of the century when the Kalka-Shimla toy train stopped here for an hour while the sahibs and memsahibs enjoyed a lavish lunch. The station, one of the prettiest on the line with its hanging baskets of pink geraniums, was named after the engineer Barog. It is famous for its 1,143m long tunnel which is the longest among the 102 on the track. The train takes about three minutes to cross this tunnel.


¤ Main Attractions

At about 3km from the station lies the grave of Barog. The poor man failed to align both the sides of the tunnel and supposedly committed suicide after that. It is said that if the tunnel had been properly built it would have been the longest in the world.

Surrounded by pine forests, Barog is today a holiday destination for those who want peace, quiet and solitude. It has some fine views and walks – try the one that takes you to the Choordhar Mountains (3,650m). The Choor Chandni Peak, which poetically means the 'mountain of the silver bangle' is a fine spectacle to behold at night – moonlight washes down it's white slopes making it look as if a thousand silver bangles are sliding down them silently.

¤ Spencer Restaurant

Another tourist attraction of Barog is the Spencer Restaurant which, once again, dates back to the Raj. It used to have separate sections for the British, the Hindus and the Muslims. You could try their vegetable cutlets, they’re really good.

¤ Accommodation

HPTDC’s Hotel Pinewood has some rooms with great views.

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