Mysore Tourist Places - A unique scenic splendour coupled with its religious and historical monuments makes Mysore one of the most sought-after tourist places to visit in Karnataka. Mysore Tourism highlights the famous Mysore places to see in Mysore. Famous Mysore tourist places include Mysore Palace,Chamundi Hills,Brindavan Garden and Nagarhole National Park of Mysore in Karnataka India.

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Famous Places In Mysore

Mysore has never failed to spellbound the visitors with its unique charm, royal palaces, rich heritage, majestic buildings, exquisitely laid-out gardens, sacred temple complexes and broad shady boulevard. The city is often called as a garden city that offers some of the splendid views to be cherished through out one's lifetime.

Here we highlight for you the most loved Mysore tourist places, the ones that are not missed by any traveller to the city.

Famous Tourist Places of Mysore
Mysore Palace
¤ Mysore Palace

Top amongst Mysore tourist places is the beautiful Mysore Palace. One just cannot miss the famous Mysore Palace, as all roads in the city lead to this majestic Palace of Maharaja's. The Palace is a treasure abode of gorgeous sculptures and carvings from all over the world.
The palace is the foremost specimen of Indo-Saracenic style of architecture with its imposing Durbar Hall showcasing arrayed ceiling with beautiful designs and patterns and many sculpted pillars. Majestic golden throne all studded with jewels and precious stone is worth a watch. The throne is displayed in the hall during the time of Dasara for public viewing.

Timings :Palace illuminated on Sundays, National holidays and on festivals during 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

¤ Chamundi Hills

Nestling on a hilltop about 335m high, Chamundi Hills houses a temple of patron Goddess of Wodeyars and is a popular Mysore tourist place to visit. Chamundeshwarithe temple is 13kms from Mysore and can easily be approached by a tourist cab or a bus transport.

The temple can be reached by climbing 1000 steps up to the hill or taking a curve road to the temple. The temple was constructed in 11th century, adjacent to the temple is erected a massive statue of the demon Mahishasura. The peak offers a magnificent vista of Mysore City embellished with beautiful lakes, gardens and palaces.

¤ Bull Temple

Another Attraction of the Chamundi Hill is famous Nandi Bull Temple. The temple houses a huge monolith of Nandi - a divine bull of Lord Shiva. Nandi Bull is 4.8m high sculpture carved out a single granite rock, initially the bull was of gray in color but due to the application of coconut oil by the devotees, the color transformed into black.
During the month of November- December, Kadalekayi Parishe -the Groundnut Fair is celebrated near the temple which is participated by thousands of devotees with much enthusiasm.

¤ Brindavan Gardens

Brindavan GardensLocated 15 km from the city, Brindavan Gardens are yet another name in top Mysore tourist places that must be visited. The gardens are situated below the KR Sagar Dam in Mandya District, spreading over 150 acres.
The garden is also known as a Musically lighted Garden, that gives a splendid view of the garden in the night. The main charm in the garden is its "Dancing Fountain" where fountains dance on the tunes of music and makes magnificent color patterns. To reach actual site of Brindavan Gardens, visitors need to walk about 1.5km from the main gateway of the park.

Timings : Brindavan Garden is open from 7:00am to 8:00pm every day.
On weekends the lighting are done from 7:00pm to 8:45pm.
During Dasara Festival the garden is illuminated every day.

¤ St. Philomena's Church

Imposing the magnificent medieval style of architecture, St. Philomena's Church is an elegant chapel showcasing the beautiful glass windows and elevated minarets. One of the largest 'houses of god' in the country, the church is visited by thousands of devotees and visitors every day.

¤ Jayachamarejendra Zoological Gardens

Set up in 19th century under royal custom, this zoological garden is one of the biggest zoological gardens in India. The garden is the home to some of he rarest species that are breaded, protected and taken care of, it has more than 2000 species of mammals and aerial population. Main attractions of the garden are the white tiger, chimpanzee, gorilla, penguin, giraffe etc. It is an idle place to hang out, children specially enjoys the site of these rare mammals in captivation. It requires minimum of two hours to cover the park.

Timings : Open from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

¤ The Art Gallery

The Art Gallery showcases some of the rare masterwork of royal era. In 1875 the Jaganmohan Palace was transformed into a fine arts museum treasuring all the royal artifacts. Paintings and portraits of kings and royal people, painted using natural vegetable and mineral dyes dating back to that period can also be seen. The famous Mysore 'gold leaf ' painting and oil paintings of Raja Ravi Varma and Svetoslav Roerich are the other attraction of the art gallery.

¤ Mysore Rail Museum

Rail Museum was set up in 1979 in Mysore, it was the first regional Rail Museum in India. The museum houses engaging accumulation of pictures, paintings displaying the evolution of the railways from the time of its origin. The Museum is a great source of attractions among the children and students.

¤ Fort

The fort houses a mosque and the Ranganathaswamy Temple which itself a great source of attraction. Gumbaz -Tipu's tomb lies outside the fort adorned with exquisitely carved doors ornate with ivory is a masterpiece holding a unique charm. Must a visit site.

¤ Himvad Gopalaswamy Hills

Nestling on the hilltop is the temple, dedicated to Lord Hoysala. Famous hill resort Himvad Gopalaswamy Hills is situated in the dense Western Ghats of Mysore District.
Due to its picturesque location the hills also makes an ideal location for trekking for adventure enthusiast.

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