Islands in India can bring out the best when it comes to vacations on the island coast. There's no better choice to opt for islands of Andaman & Nicobar and the Lakshdweep group of Islands in India. Come and enjoy the family holidays on the beautiful islands of India

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There are two groups of islands – the andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal, and the Lakshwadeep and Minicoy Islands in the Arabian Sea.
The first is a group of 204 islands, believed to be extensions of the mountain system in the northeastern part of the country. Some of them are volcanic in origin.

The second group has about 43 islands, surrounded by beautiful coral reefs. The beauty of the andamans notwithstanding, their history is tainted with blood. Known as Kaala Paani, or black waters, Port Blair, the capital city of the andamans was the dreaded site of the Cellular Jail, used by the British for banished convicts.
The jail itself is well worth a visit, for it is replete with tales of those ‘freedom fighters’ who fought to liberate India from British dominion and were condemned to spend the last days of their lives in this jail.

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