Bhopal travel guide will take you to a Bhopal city tour, view the magnificent Jama Masjid, the mosque stands tall in the centre of the main bazaar of Bhopal and has beautiful gold minarets topped by golden spikes.

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Jama Masjid Bhopal

Compared to the Taj-ul-Masjid, the Jama Masjid is the much smaller mosque, and was built by Qudisiya Begum in 1837.

Not as grand as the Taj-ul-Masjid, the Jama Masjid is nevertheless a well-preserved monument, and its two huge minarets can be sighted from a great distance.
The mosque also has three bulbous cupolas, but the main feature of the Jama Masjid is its interior – a splendid example of Islamic architecture.
The mosque contains a series of alabaster-white columned arches that present a very pretty sight, and the inner sanctum of the mosque is built out of marble. The Jama Masjid complex also contains a small pond, and was extensively renovated after Independence.

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