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Jatashankar Temple Shiv in Khajurahao

As is obvious from its name, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva (the third of the Hindu trinity of Creator-Preserver-Destroyer).
A hot water spring on the precincts is said to have medicinal properties that cure skin diseases. Unlike most Hindu temples, the very air of this temple seems sacred. Away from the din and noise of the city, the atmosphere is very relaxing. All the marriages in the area are solemnised in this temple with the blessings of Jatashankar.

A number of small bhojanalyas (roadside eating joints that serve only vegetarian food) line the stairs that lead to the kund (small body of water often used for bathing in Hindu temples) above.
You can try the delicious, hygienically cooked food at Aggarwal Bhojanalya, which stands right next to the last step, as you descend from the kund.

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