If travelling India, have a flavour of mouth watering cuisine of Mumbai. Every hotel, restaurant in India serve the famous Mumbai delicacies comprising of famous Pani Puri, Pav Bhaji,Bhel Puri,Vara Pav and much more. So,just look for restaurant that serves hot spicy cuisine from Mumbai in Maharashtra.

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Cuisine of Mumbai

Similar to the coastal states of India, Marathi food also contains lots of fish and coconuts. Vegetables are an integral part of the diet here, just like in all other parts of India. Grated coconut is used in many dishes, but coconut oil is not used as a cooking medium most often. Lots of Peanuts and cashew nuts are used in vegetables and Peanut oil is the main cooking medium of Maharashtra.

Mumbai owns some of the best selected restaurants in India. These restaurants offer a wide variety of food. Gujarati thalis, Muslim kababs, Mangalorean seafood, Parsi dhansaak, North Indian tandooris and Goan vindaloo are just some of the names of the dishes available.

¤ Maharashtrian Platter Or Thali

A vegetarian Marathi platter or thali consists of recipes such as curries, rice, sweets etc. The thali system in Mumbai is very common and most preferred meal, as it contains a complete diet of a person. It is inclusive of - 4 chapatis, pulses, vegetable, curd, rice, salad and sweet-dish optional. Among the other well known dishes of Mumbai are Bombil Batata Bhaji, Kamag Kakri, Solachi Kadhi, etc.

¤ Fast Food of Mumbai

The people of Maharashtra enjoy eating their own fast food like Pav bhaji and Bhelpuri instead of hamburgers and hot dogs. Most of the Mumbai snacks are extremely hot and spicy. Pav Bhaji is a mix of a variety of vegetables and spices and Bhelpuri is a chat eaten widely by the people in Mumbai. Other snacks available are Vada Pav and Pani Puri. Vada is made of boiled potatoes coated with Gram flour batter and deep fried in oil. Pav is a round shaped bread. Vada Pav is known as the hamburger of Mumbai. Pani Puri is a light snacks made of puffed puris, sprouts and spices. There is a variety of snacks available in this city and people just love them. Some of the famous places in Mumbai to taste the legendary fast food is khau Galii, a small laneway off Zaveri Bazaar packed with food stalls, serving delicious food items. These mouthwatering dishes are also available on the beach stalls of Chowpatty and Juhu.

¤ Other Delights

Apart from Maharashtrian vegetarian recipes, many other dishes are also available here like soups, chidva etc. Shrikhand is a sweet dish that is eaten with puris. Shira and Puran Poli are other desserts prepared specially on puja occasions. Besides these, Chikki is a famous sweet preparation of Mumbai, which is also gaining popularity outside the state.

Drinks In Mumbai there are many cafe shops and tea stalls are available offering different varieties of coffee and tea. Delicious fruit juices are available at juice stalls. They come in exotic varieties such as mango, custard apple and lychee. A good range of foreign beer is also available in Mumbai.

Mumbai is a food buff's delight. Here the variety of food available is more than anywhere else in India. You get a good variety of food here ranging from roadside snacks to fast-food and from ethnic food to five-star cuisine.

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