Travel Guide of North East States in India will take you to destination of the vibrant tribal communities, the rare and exotic flora and fauna, the varied landscape. Northeast State travel guide has it all that the inquisitive and adventurous tourists seem to desire while on their travel trip to Northeast states of India.

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India - Northeast States Travel Guide

Northeast States Travel Guide

A region of superfluous natural beauty and peace with exotic flora and fauna that lives and breathes and with vibrant and colourful people is this place known as Northeast. With Sikkim on the western part of the region, Arunachal Pradesh perched on the north and Mizoram on the south, the collective region is a picture of nature in its truest form unexplored and unexploited. The eight states in the region are Assam, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland.

Padmasambhava Statue ¤ Sikkim

Travel to Sikkim, a place where the Mount Kanchanjunga sight pervades everywhere, the cloud of mist looms over the beautiful lush green landscape, that promises an array of adventurous sports. Gangtok at an altitude of 1780 m, draws an numerous amount of tourists which also come for seeing the various monasteries and experiencing the exotic lifestyle and environment. People also come for the serene Tsomo Lake and the historic Nathu La pass.
Foreigners require an Inner Line Permit for entering which is valid for 15 days.

¤ Assam

Assam, considered as the prime hub of activity in North-East region, invoke inspiration to protect the bountiful gift of nature and animals. It is the gateway to every part of the Northeast region. The mighty Brahmaputra river providing the natural habitat with life, the unique one-horned Rhino in Kaziranga makes it a hot tourist haven. Guwahati with its bustling life and the serenity of the various sanctuaries and parks is quite a contrary but it is a charm of the state. Foreign tourists do not need a permit for visiting Assam.

¤ Arunachal Pradesh

A state is home to the evergreen and thick forest, exotic variety of flora and fauna, colourful tribals, their traditional customs and folk arts. It is an abode of the orchids and the numerous dazzling streams, simmering river and snow-clad mountains. The tribal community makes colourful carpets popular all over India. Tipi Orchard Center and Parasuram Kund in Tezu are some of the places to visit.
While going for a travel tour, foreign tourists need a Restricted Area Permit for visiting the state.

¤ Tripura

Tripura is a land where the heritage of the place still lingers and the natural scenic beauty is at its best. Travel to Tripura and explore this colorful state, inhabited by the various tribes, Bengali and Manipuri communities. The majestic Ujjayanta Palace, Unakoti's multitude of rock carvings and murals and Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary are some of the attractions that draw a lot of tourist. Foreign tourists do not need a permit for visiting Tripura.

¤ Mizoram

The tiny hill state which is bounded by Bangladesh on the west, Myanmar on the east and south, by Manipur, Assam and Tripura on the north is a place of immense scenic beauty. Blessed with a mild climate throughout the year, the state has a lot to offer. The steep hills that are separated by rivers form into deep gorges which is a very fascinating sight. Some of the travel attractions worth visiting are the Bora Bazar, Mizoram State Museum and The Weaving Center.
Foreign tourist visiting Mizoram need Restricted Area Permits issued by concerned authority at all the major cities of India.

Nagaland Tribal Woman¤ Manipur

Manipur often referred as Jewel of the East, is a state where the ranges of hills surrounds, the picturesque Loktak Lake sustains life and the beautiful Brow Antlered Deer dwell. The valley represents a different picture with the simmering population in the plains as compared to the outskirts of the city superfluous with lush green hills and crystal-clear small streams from the hills. The classical dance Ras Lila, the martial arts of Thang-ta and the existing tradition of Moirang are some of the things worth watching. Foreign tourists require Restricted Area Permit to travel in the state.

¤ Nagaland

A state which is a narrow strip of mountainous territory is abound in a multitude of tribal community and natural beauty. The capital city perched on the faces of the hills, the vibrant cultures of the tribes, the handloom product and the beautiful churches scattered over the state are the few mentionable treat to quote. The best way to see Nagaland is when the land comes alive in the festivals. Sekreyi (February), Aoling Monyu (March) and Hornbill festival (December) are some festivals to be watch. All foreign tourist visiting Nagaland require Restricted Area Permit from the Ministry of Home Affaires, Govt. of India, South Block, New Delhi and its validity is for ten days.

¤ Meghalaya

A land of superfluous waterfalls, elegant lakes and abundant rainfall, Meghalaya travel promises a plethora of pleasant places and experience. Cherrapunjee (former rainiest place on Earth), the sparkling Ward's Lake and the Elephant falls are some of the attraction that had been drawing the domestic tourist and the foreign tourist. Colonial occupation of the British also had its influence on the culture of the people regarding the religion and the churches all over the state. The Khasi tribe, the Garo tribe and the Jaintia tribe mostly inhabit the state and inheritance of matriarchal lineage is their peculiar feature. Foreign tourists do not need a permit for visiting Meghalaya.

¤ Accessibility to the North-Eastern States

As far as Northeast states are concerned, it is best to travel to any part by air. From Kolkata and Guwahati, Indian Airlines and other privates ones fly to every capital of the states except Itanagar which is connected by helicopter services. The first place to reach by rail is Guwahati and from there important centers like Dibrugarh, Tejpur, Jorhat, Silchar can be reached. The most extensive and used mode of transport would be by road. Guwahati is the hub of operating these transport network to every part of the region. Privately operated deluxe coaches provide a comfortable travel.

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