Tourism of Rajasthan offers tour booking and tour packages for Ajmer travelin India. Visit Akbar's Fort on your travel vacations to Ajmer Rajasthan promoted by the Rajasthan tourism department. Akbar Fort unassailable architectural monument , being one of the strongest forts in southeast Rajasthan. Also sojourn to Ajmer Museum, a black marble statue of Goddess Kali, a must see on your Ajmer India travel.

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Akbar Fort

Akbar's Fort Ajmer, India

Built by Akbar in 1570 for his visits to Ajmer as well as a bastion for his advancing empire, the fort is rather small compared to others. But its lack of size is compensated by its impregnable structure, being one of the strongest forts in southeast Rajasthan. The entire fort is surrouned by two thick walls; one on the outside and another running parallel to it on the inside. The fort walls encompass a double storeyed palace surrounded by a row of columns held together at the top by arches. A large hall in the centre of the palace leads into number of rooms around it, meant for the emperor and his entourage while he was in Ajmer.

Sir Thomas Roe, East India Company’s envoy met Jahangir in this fort in 1616. The British took charge of the fort in 1818, and during the mutiny of 1857 used it as a magazine to hold arms and ammunition, calling it the Rajputana Arsenal

¤ Museum

This imposing edifice was converted into the Ajmer Museum in 1908 and is open from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. throughout the week except on Fridays. The museum houses 6th and 7th century Hindu sculptures and fine examples of Rajput and Mughal armour. A black marble statue of Goddess Kali is a must see.

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