Nasiyan Temple is located in the heart of the Ajmer city in Rajasthan, India . Ajmer travel guide takes you to Nasiyan Temple - a magnificent red Digambar Jain temple much known for its amazing pageant of wooden gilt work, glass engravings and paintings.

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Nasiyan Jain Temple

Nasiyan Jain Temple also known as the Red Temple and located on Prithviraj Marg, this Digambar Jain temple was built in 1865. The main chamber consists of a double storeyed hall in which are housed large wooden figures portraying the Jain concept of the world. The hall is decorated lavishly with precious gems, gold and silver. The Nasiyan temple is one of the finest Jain temples in Rajasthan after the temples of Ranakpur and Mount Abu and is open to visitors from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with an entry fee of Rs 2. Rajasthan Jain Temples

Speaking of Jain temples, western India namely Rajasthan is renowned for its dazzling temples built by rich Jain merchants. Jain temples are the richest in India and their splendour surpasses Mughal architecture at its best. With marble as the central theme, Jain temples boast of amazing finesse apparent in intricate carvings especially on ceilings and pillars. Jainism continued to make its subtle impact even during the Mughal rule, with the only difference being that at times Jain temples were built on the lines of a fort with a high wall surrounding the entire complex.

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