The fort of Rajgarh was turned into a summer palace. The mighty walls which seem to grow out of the fertile valley enclose the somewhat dilapidated Rajgarh Fort.

India - Rajasthan - Alwar - Rajgarh Fort

Rajgarh Fort

Distance : 35km south of Alwar
Rajgarh is spread among lovely wooded valleys. There's an old hilltop fort built by Pratap Singh, the founder of Alwar State. Rajgarh served as the old capital of the region till 1771 when Singh came into the scene and set up Alwar city as his capital.

¤ The Fort Palace

The frescoes inside the fortpalace have also lost their original charm. But the Sheesh Mahal (Mirror Palace) still retains its character. Take a good look around the place to discover some of its secret passages. Such passages were a necessary feature of forts and palaces as they were much needed during emergencies.

¤ The Rajgarh Picturesque Village

At the bottom of the hill is the little village of Rajgarh. It has a fairytale setting with narrow alleyways and old havelis (mansions). Exploring these and the surrounding fertile gardens can be fun. It's no wonder that a British traveller described Rajgarh as "a perfect earthly paradise."

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