Siliserh is an idyllic stopover before you go to Sariska Tiger Reserve. Make your stay in Siliderh Palace Hotel just near the lake to enjoy the immense beauty of the lake.

India - Rajasthan - Alwar - Siliserh Lake

Siliserh Lake

Distance : 13km from Alwar Siliserh Lake, Alwar
Siliserh is just the place for an idyllic stopover before you move on to Sariska Tiger Reserve. But you'll be so enchanted by its Arcadian ambience that you'll want to stay on for some more time. and for that, you have the lovely Siliserh Palace Hotel overlooking an even more beautiful lake which is a good 10.5 square km of twinkling ripples, surrounded by low, wooded hills. The chhatris (cenotaphs) of the palace have been converted into comfortable hotel rooms. One could spend hours by simply watching the waterfowl from the hotel's terrace.

¤ Formation of Grand Reservoir

The reservoir was created by Maharaja Vinay Singh in 1844 so that the water could be channeled to Alwar, transfusing life into its barrenness. and true enough, Alwar's landscape bloomed with luxuriant gardens. Vinay Singh named this new lake Siliserh in honour of his queen Seela, and also built her a small white palace set high upon a rise overlooking the waters. Siliserh grew into a favourite resort of the Alwar kings, particularly of the whimsical Maharaja Mangal Singh (1874-92).

¤ A Tale Attached To Siliserh Region

A beautiful spot like this would have a charming story bound to it. Once when Mangal Singh went hunting, he wandered into the nearby village of Kishanpur. There he fell in love with the beautiful Silika, daughter of the village chief. Mangal Singh and Silika were immersed in deep conversation when the girl's father came back. He was infuriated at the sight, and insisted that Mangal Singh marry his daughter. The king protested, but on a little more pressing he agreed. Rani Silika lived happily at the City palace in Alwar for sometime. But after the death of her child at birth, she wanted to go back to her parents in Kishangarh. The king thus prepared the Siliserh Palace for his queen to live near her parents. Silika lived in Siliserh for a few months, but soon died of a broken heart.

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