Barmer India Tourism Guide will take you to the small town of Barmer in Rajasthan famous for its monumental remains. Visit the remains of Juna lying at the west of Barmer and the ruins of three Jain temples at the south of Barmer in Rajasthan. Tourism in Barmer also highlights the glory of old fort called Garh, worth a visit site in Rajisthan, India.

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Arts and Crafts of Barmer

Barmer in Rajasthan is well known for its handicrafts. All over Rajasthan and around the country, Barmer’s exceptional woodcarvings, carpets, hand printed fabrics, embroidered textiles, and undeniably its simple and friendly people transform the Thar into what's popularly known as the most colourful desert in the world. It is also recognized for its hand painted fabrics locally called ajrakh, block printing, embroidered textiles, carpets and and of late for its intricately carved wooden furniture.

 Arts & Crafts ¤ Wood Carving

The woodcarving traditions of Barmer in Rajisthan share their similarities with those of Jaisalmer in Rajisthan and Saurashtra in Gujarat. This carpentry and carving community locally known as Mistris converted simple motifs of camels, elephants, flowers, parrots, horses and other geometrical patterns into a vivid and imaginative mix. These skills, though earlier used extensively in architecture for carved pillars, jharokhas (bay windows with a little balcony) and archways have now shifted focus to intricately carved ethnic and European style furniture. This switchover, caused due to the demands of the market and the need for survival, has now flourished into another art form.

¤ Hand Cloth Painting

Barmer is also famous for its hand painted cloth. It specializes in the exquisitely rich red and blue ajrakh cloth (ajrakh comes from the Arabic word 'azrak' for the colour blue.) This cloth has a long and complex printing process of vigorous beating, successive dipping and polishing sessions. The finest ajrakh is a variety which is printed on both sides. It is worn on special occasions by both Muslim and Hindu leather workers of the Meghwal caste. A garment most women wear in Barmer and all over Rajasthan is the odhani (long scarf), which is locally also called the chundri which literally means a fabric of dotted pattern. Another speciality of Barmer is its exquisitely crafted carpets.

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