Get a glimpse of Kiradu ancient temples in Barmer on your Rajasthan travel tours in India. Kiradu ancient temples are group of five temples and is considered as archaeological site in Barmer Rajasthan. Visit the religious Kiradu ancient temples in Barmer and learn about rituals that have come down generations. Also visit other temple monuments in the city of Barmer in Rajasthan, India.

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Kiradu Ancient Temples

Kiradu Temple

Distance : 39 km from Barmer

Kiradu Ancient Temples lie at a distance of 39km from Barmer city in Hathma village.You find an inscription here dating back to 1161AD indicating that the place was once called Kiratkoop and had once been the capital of the Panwara dynasty. The Panwaras owed their allegiance to the rulers of Gujarat at the time.

¤ Kiradu Someshvara Temple

The Kiradu temples are a group of five temples and are grouped as ancient temples, an important site from the archaeological point of view. The largest and the most impressive amongst them is the Someshvara Temple. Built in the 11th century, the Someshvara ancient temple is said to be the best example of its kind today. Constructed in honour of Lord Shiva (the Destroyer in the holy trinity of Hindu gods), it has a rather stumpy multi-turreted tower and beautiful sculptures dedicated to the god. The inner sanctum has a resplendent image of the Lord. At its base, is a large reverse-curve lotus, which has a resemblance with the early Chola Temples of south India. This ancient temple also depicts scenes from the Hindu epic Ramayana. Other notable features are sculptures of apsaras (mythical dancing girls from the abode of the Gods) and vyalas (a griffin-like mythical beast generally associated with the Buddha) which were rarely seen after 1050AD in temple architecture. All in all, although Barmer is a bit out of the way you’ll get your money’s worth when you visit Someshvara.

¤ Other Group of Ancient Temples

The other four temples, also considered as ancient are dedicated to Lord Shiva and Vishnu (the Preserver in the holy trinity of Hindu deities). The temples show the influence of the Solanki school of architecture which originated in Gujarat, which is not surprising given the close links the Panwaras had with the rulers there.

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