Bhilwara India City Guide facilitates its visitors to come closer to the ethnic India tourism by visiting the magnificent temples nestling on the left bank of the Khari river, built by Sawai Bhoj. Tourism in Bhilwara India also showcases the fort of Badnor on the Asind-Beawar road in the North-West of the town.

Bhilwara Attractions
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Bhilwara Tourism
Udan Chatri

Bhilwara, synonymous with industries like cloth mills and stone quarries, is the headquarter of a small district of the same name in southern Rajasthan. Getting to know Bhilwara by its industries is not very unusual, as the town was developed mainly as a large-scale industrial town. After having been ravished by many invaders over the centuries, the British offered to turn it into a successful mart in the 19th century. So Bhilwara itself is not very attractive and might not figure in the mainstream tourist itinerary, especially when it is surrounded by a host of more glamourous destinations like Chittaurgarh (54km), Rajsamand (87km) and Udaipur (151km).

¤ Nearby Attractions

But a trip to Bhilwara is not totally unprofitable; some of the nearby places like Banera, Bijolia, Menal, Shahpura, Gangapur and Mandal do offer good surprises to one who likes to tread the offbeat track.
and more than anything else, this inconspicuous little town has a very interesting past to boast of.

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