The temple tours in Bhilwara are aimed at giving enough religious exposure to mysterious land of India. Visit Menal Stones Temples in Bhilwara, Mahanaleshvara Temple, a perfect specimen of western stone architecture and other exotic temples, shrines and monuments in Rajasthan, India.

Bhilwara Attractions
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Menal Temples

Distance : 76km from Bhilwara

Around Bundi are deep gorges surrounded by forests, and within these lie the ruins of a 12th century palace. The name Menal is derived from Maha Nal (great gorge), and that is what Menal really is.

¤ Manal Attractions

Prithviraj Chauhana, who also ruled Delhi for a while, had set his heart on Menal, and it became his favourite mountain retreat when the scorching Rajasthan summer would set in. For this he built a palace on the banks of the Menal river which runs over granite slabs before finally plunging into a gorge over 122 meters deep. The entrance to the mansion is via a two storeyed gateway carved with images of the gods Ganesha and Bhairava. The square courtyard beyond the entrance houses a huge Shiva temple of stone, built in the ancient Hindu style with a carved pagoda and pillars. The walls of the temple are carved with motifs of Hindu dieties and various other themes, interspersed with images of elephants. of special mention are the images of Shiva and Parvati which form the chief subject of the engravings. Shiva and Parvati are depicted in various postures and surrounded by dancers, musicians, lesser gods and animals. Halfway up the pagoda is a large stone lion, perhaps depicting victory. A number of smaller ruined temples lie around the Shiva temple.

¤ Mahanaleshvara temple

The 11th century Mahanaleshvara temple is a perfect example of the western Indian style of stone temple architecture. The entrance is embellished with a seated stone lion, and there are number of guardian deities carved on portruding panels in the walls. The inner sanctum is dominated by projecting balconies while the roof is a pyramidical array of ribbed and finely carved stone.

¤ Inscriptions

Perhaps what is more of historical interest in Menal are the hundreds of inscriptions in most of the stone temples here, dated back to Menal’s origin and of tremendous use to corroborate the history of nearby Bundi and Kota.

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