Jaipur tourism will take you to the beautiful town of Bagru in Rajasthan, famous for its outstanding work of block printing. Anyone interested in textile printing could easily walk into Chippa Mohalla (printers' quarter) of Bagru near Jaiphur and can watch artisans along with their families busy making this unique art with dyes and blocks known as Bagru block printing.

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Bagru Block Paintings

Distance : 35km from Jaipur on Ajmer Road

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Block Printing
Block PrintingBagru lying at the distance of 35km from Jaipur has no fort or palace or even their ruins, but boasts of something which is perhaps more beautiful. Block printing. Anyone interested in textile printing could easily walk into Chippa Mohalla (printers' quarter) beside the Sanjaria River, where about three dozen families make themselves busy with dyes and blocks. These craftsmen have kept the three-centuries-old tradition of block printing alive and kicking in Rajasthan. and they are completely eco-friendly; they first treat the cloth with Fuller's earth got from the riverside and then soak it in haldi (turmeric) water to get the traditional cream coloured background. Only then do they stamp the cloth with beautifully patterned blocks of wood using natural dyes of earthy hues.

In fact Bagru's craftspersons are among those few printers today who are still predominantly using traditional vegetable dyes. For example, blue is got from indigo, greens from indigo mixed with pomegranate rinds, red from madder root and yellow from turmeric. The patterns are simple floral ones but bold and colourful. Barmer prints, on the other hand, are known for their bold geometric patterns, called ajrakh. Bagru produces some of the loveliest bed covers and other materials. The excellence of the craft has put this sleepy little town of Bagru near Jaiphur on the international fashion map. See Arts & Crafts of Rajasthan for more on block printing.

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