Jaipur, India Tourism Guide will take you to the royal destination of Sisodia Rani- Ka Bagh. The Sisodia Rani palace was built by Sawai Jai Singh for his beloved queen of the Sisodia clan. Travel to Sisodia Rani- Ka Bagh to explore the natural, historical, religious and archaeological tourism of India.

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Sisodia Rani- Ka Bagh

Distance : 8km from Jaipur on Agra Road

¤ Sisodia Rani-ka Bagh

About half a kilometer from Vidyadharji-ka Bagh is the lovely Sisodia Rani-ka Bagh. The palace here was built by Sawai Jai Singh in 1722 for his queen from Udaipur (of the Sisodia clan). The Sisodias of Udaipur were a powerful and respected clan, and Jai Singh hoped to gain greatly from this marital alliance. This was Jai Singh's second marriage and was allowed only on the condition that the son born would succeed the Jaipur throne. But the Sisodia princess was unhappy at the City Palace in Jaipur because of constant intriguing against her. Anxious for the safety of her son, she left the Jaipur palace to stay in the peaceful Sisodia Palace that her husband built for her.

Her son, Madho Singh (I), grew up in the peaceful environs of this place. Later he had to fight a battle with his stepbrother Ishwari Singh to become the king of Jaipur. Anyway, the pristine Sisodia Rani-ka Bagh is a multi-level garden and is lined with cascading fountains and water channels.

The palace is equally beautiful with large bright murals adorning the walls. Scenes from the Radha-Krishna legend, which Jai Singh was particularly fond of, are prominent. Request the watchman to unlock the palace to get a feel of the still overwhelming royal atmosphere.

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