Jaisalmer Fort crowns on Trikuta Hill at a height of 80-meter in Rajasthan, India. The Jaisalmer Fort is rated among the star tourist attractions of Rajasthan and is a must visit during your Jaisalmer travel as it is the second most old military fortress of Rajasthan, India

Jaisalmer Attractions
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Jaisalmer fort certainly stands as an epitome of Indian architecture and design and also a testament of military dominance. Perched on the Tirkuta hill surrounded by the yellow sand dunes of the region it is certainly the glory of the “Golden city of Rajasthan.” Made to look as if arising from the sand dunes this monument is the towering façade over the entire landscape and irrespective of night or day is one memory that would constantly remain in the conscious minds of visitors. Be it the tawing color of lion during the day or the honey gold light that serenades the entire monument by dusk. The Sonar Quila as it is called has graced the stretches of great Thar Desert and Tirkuta hills strong unshaken and has been a battle ground for many a fierce rivalry.

Architecture- Architecture of the Jaisalmer fort stands as a fitting testament of sharp engineering capability. This carefully understanding the fact that construction on a triple peak mountain is no mean feat. The first distinctive feature that stands out in this monument is the 99 sandstone yellow bastions.92 of the 99 bastions were built between 1633 to 1647 to be used as gun platforms. The view from the bastion is spectacular to behold. There are many fortifications that have been made to this monument in the last centuries. All this has been done without disturbing the confines which is a regular source of water to the fort. The fort contains three layers of walls. The outer layer is made of stone blocks. This foundation enforces the rubble of the hill. The second wall or the middle wall twirls around the fort. The final and the inner most wall the Rajput warrior used to hurl bowling oil and water to those who approached. More than architectural facts these features assert the defence mechanism of the fort. The fort complex also housed a small population of Shops and maisons. The fort can be approached through Ganesh Pol, Suraj Pol, Bhoot Pol and Hawa Pol and had a group of beautiful havelis and also Jain temples that date between the 12th and the 15th century A.D.

Major Attractions of the Jaisalmer Fort – The major attractions of the Jaisalmer fort include

The Raj Mahal or the royal palace served as the abode or the royal residence of the Rajput leaders.

The Jain temples that can be seen inside the palace dating back to the 12th to 16th century bear a testament that the faith was preached and practiced during the time of Rajput rulers. The Laxminath temple also bears testimony distinctive architecture of the times. The four massive gateways of fort are also an architectural marvel.

Merchant havelis – These are large houses built by wealthy merchants is beautifully ornate with stone carvings. Some of the havelis are hundreds of years old. These many elaborate carved havelis are carved from sandstone. Some of these merchant havelis are known for their floors and countless rooms with decorated windows, archways, rooms, doors and balconies. Some of these havelis serves as museums that while others are still inhabitated by the ancestors. One example of this is the Vyas Haveli which was built in the 15th century. Another example is the Shree Nath Palace that was once inhabitated by the Prime Minister of Jaisalmer. This today serves as an imperial five star facility. The doors and ceilings of the monument are stunning examples of wooden carvings.

Best time to visit Jaisalmer Fort- The best time to visit Jaisalmer is during the winters. The best time to visit the city is during the Desert festival that is held in the months of January and February. During this festival the city reverberates with sound of melodious tunes and rhythms, folk dances and various competitions and contests. The festival is also known for its various pageant competitions that include Mr. Desert Contest Camel races and various competitions. The festival is also synonymous for the colorful craft bazaar and the spectacular light and sound show that has now become a platform for local artists.

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