Rajasthan travel guide provides travel information on the Kota city of Rajasthan, India. Travel to Kota, Rajasthan, make a stay in Rajasthan heritage hotels, and experience the royal life of Kota maharaja in Rajasthan. Travel guide to Kota will updates you with all travel information, accommodations, tourist information offices, entertainment, restaurants, tours, transport facilities and lot more.

India - Rajasthan - Kota - Facilities in Kota

Facilities in Kota

¤ Transport

2952 Mumbai Rajdhani Express New Delhi (Dep:-14:40hrs) Mumbai (Arr:- 20:40hrs)

2954 August Kranti Rajdhani Exp. Nizamuddin Rly. Station (Dep:- 16:55hrs) ( Arr:-2150hrs)

2956 Jaipur Mumbai Express Jaipur (Dep:-13:40hrs) Kota (Arr:- 17:10hrs)

9038 Jaipur Indore Express Jaipur (Dep:-16:15hrs) Indore(Arr:- 20:00hrs)

9768 Jaipur Chennai Express Jaipur(Dep:-16:15hrs) Chennai(Arr:- 20:00hrs )

2471 Swaraj Express Mumbai Central(Dep:- 08:20hrs) Kota(Arr:- 21:45hrs)

2903 Golden Temple Mail Mumbai Central(Dep:- 21:30hrs) Kota(Arr:- 11:15hrs )

2925 Paschim Express Mumbai Central(Dep:- 11:35hrs) Kota(Arr:-0215hrs)

2951 Mumbai Rajdhani Express Mumbai Central(Dep:- 16:55hrs) Kota( Arr:-0415hrs)

9091 Mumbai Dehradun Express Mumbai(Dep:- 22:15hrs) Dehradun(Arr:- 19:05hrs)

Jaipur to Kota : By bus
Kota to Bundi : Hourly buses. Time taken-45mins,Distance-38 km
Ajmer to Kota
Kota to Chittorgarh
Kota to Udaipur

¤ Accommodations

Hotel Sri Anand:- Opposite Railway Station, Veg Restaurant
Hotel Marudhar:- Between fort & Kishore Sagar
Chaman Hotel:- Station Road,close to bus stand
Brijraj Bhavan Palace:- Civil Lines, Continental & Indian food
Circuit House
Palkiya Haveli:- Mokhapara
Sukhdham:- Civil Lines
Chambal(RTDC):- 2 km from the bus stand,near Kishore Sagar
Phul Plaza:- Nayapura,near GPO
Railway Retiring rooms:- Kota Railway Station,Rs 200-400 per day
Umaid Bhawan(Welcome group):- Towards Railway Station
Navrang:- Nayapura,

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