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Nagaur Tourism

Population : 67,000
Distance : 137 km from Jodhpur

¤ The Majastic Nagaur Fort

Nagaur FortAt one end of the Thar desert lies the picturesque town of Nagaur. Located 137km to the north of Jodhpur, the Nagaur fort shimmers like a beacon in sharp contrast to the dull sandy stretch of desert which surrounds it. Located atop a hill like so many of Rajasthan’s forts for strategic reasons is the historic Nagaur fort, dating back to the 4th century. The city itself has three main entrances called the Delhi Gate, the Tripolia Gate, and the Nakash Gate. The three palaces within the fort which are particularly exquisite are the Hadi Rani Mahal, the Sheesh Mahal and the Badal Mahal which are noted for their beautiful frescoes. Nearby lies a mosque which was built by the Mughal emperor Akbar and a shrine dedicated to a follower of Moin-uddin Chishti, the famous sufi (mystic) saint who lived in nearby Ajmer. Also in Nagore lie a cluster of cenotaphs built in the traditional Rajput style; like pristine stone umbrellas.

¤ The Nagaur Fair

A major attraction of Nagaur is a cattle fair which is organised annually and will next be held on 12-15 February 2000. The cattle fair is the second largest in Rajasthan and is a wonderful gathering of men and beasts, brisk trading and keen competition in the best traditions of this quaint little township. Held right on the outskirts of the town the fair features cock fights, camel races, puppet shows, folk dancing, tug-of-wars and a host of other things. The fair is renowned for the trading of cows, oxen, horses, camels and bulls (the Nagaur breed is known for its fleet-footedness). As the sun sets the atmosphere is enlivened by folk musicians whose melodies resound far and wide across the tranquil desert sands.

Major Circuits

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