Ranthambhore National Park is one of India's foremost illustrations of Project Tiger. Ranthambhore wildlife tiger reserve in Rajasthan, India is truly a fantasy of wild kingdom, where one can rendezvous with the majestic creatures in their natural habitat. India Tourism Guide to Ranthambhore takes the wildlife enthusiast, to the wild kingdom of tiger reserve in Rajasthan India to sight the great Indian tiger in its domicile.

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Ranthambhore Tourism

¤ Ranthambore (Sawai-Madhopur)Wild Life Park

Ranthambhore Ranthambore National Park is located in the foothills of Aravali Ranges near the small town of Sawai-Madhopur. Extended over an area of more then 392 sq. km the Ranthambhore Wildlife National Park is one of the India's foremost illustrations of Project Tiger. Indian government has taken all necessary efforts to conserve and regenerate the shrinking number of tigers in India. A fine example of Project Tiger, Ranthambore was declared a National Park in 1980.

The Wildlife Park enjoys the typical dry deciduous type of dense forests dotted with Pine trees, Banyan and Dhok trees as the main vegetation for animals. Among the more fascinating features of Ranthambhore are the Banyan trees, some of which are known to be at least 800 years old, boasting of the excellent specimen of flora in the wild.

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Location :
Near Sawai Madhopur, in the state of Rajasthan.
Main Wildlife Attractions :
Tigers, Leopards and Peacock

Best Time to Visit :
October- June

¤ Main Attractions

Great Indian Tiger
Ranthambore Wild Life Park is the home to the most royal beasts in the world- the great Indian Tiger.
Ranthambore is among the renowned places in the world where the tiger regime is supreme. There are about 25 tigers and 40 leopards in the reserve. One can enjoy the sight of this royal beast near the water holes like Padam Talab, Raj Bagh Talab and Milak Talab.

Magnificent Fort
A stronghold built in 994 AD, this fort has a bloody history to tell. Ranthambore Fort dating back to 10th century. The fort is perched on a rocky outcrop in the heart of the park giving a magnificent view of the entire wildlife region.

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