Sariska is not only known for the Sariska Tiger Reserve in India, but there are a also numerous travel tourist attractions in Sariska in Rajasthan. Sariska tourism promotes a travel itinerary to magnificent Sariska Palace, Jaisamand Lake and Vijai Mandir Palace in Sariska, India.

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¤ Scenic Location

Sariska is Alwar's own garden of paradise. Set in a wooded valley surrounded by barren hills, it is one of the most picturesque Tiger Reserves of Rajasthan. Sariska was declared a sanctuary in 1955, though it became the more distinguished Tiger Reserve in 1979. Three years later it became a National Park.

A Royal Hunting Reserve of Erstwhile Maharajas

As everywhere else, Sariska served as the hunting ground of the maharajas before it was ordained to become a sanctuary. After all, it was a part of Rajput gallantry to go on elaborate hunting sprees. But Sariska Tiger Reserve is a cut above the rest; not only is it a resort for thousands of birds and animals, there's also something for architecture and archeology lovers as well. The ancient Kankwari Fort and several temples make a visit to Sariska even more exciting. A botanist, too, would be delighted to see the seasonal change in these deciduous forests. The spring sees a profusion of blooms all over the otherwise jagged hills, while summer makes it dry. Come monsoon, and the greens flare up once again. Cold airs make it lifeless once again, though there's warmth enough for migratory birds fleeing from sub-zero temperatures.

Quick bytes

Distance :
35km from Alwar, 107km from Jaipur, 200km from Delhi
Temperature :
Max 47 ºC, Min 24 ºC (summer), Max 31 ºC, Min 3 ºC (winter)
Rainfall :
650 mm.

¤ Accommodation

The Sariska Palace Hotel provides the perfect lodging in such surroundings. Planted on the fringes of the reserve are tiny settlements whose inhabitants live a life closest to nature. The villagers still live with the daily threat of their cattle being carried away by leopards. The other interesting spots within the sanctuary are Pandu Pol, and the Temple of Bharathari. The area is of much importance to archaeologists as well, as many rare pieces of sculpture have been found from here.

¤ The Policies of Government

First the maharajas of Alwar killed them for sport. Then the Indian Government gave it the designation of a Sanctuary, where killing animals was a crime. So what would be the best way to show your might over these speechless animals? Take away their resources. Simple.

Heritage Palace Hotel Sariska RajasthanThat's exactly what has been happening in the Sariska National Park. In his book, In Search of Wild India (1993), Charlie Pye-Smith has a lot to reveal. The mineral-rich Sariska is one of the clearest examples of the way in which industry and government have conspired to wreck a National Park.

Charlie says, "…as long ago as the 1960s the state government was happy to give private companies licenses to mine the stone. Mining within National Parks violates Rajasthan's Forest Conservation Act, but this has been no concern to the state's mining department, which now earns an estimated £1.1 million a year from licensed workings. During the past six years more than 300 licenses have been issued for mines within the park. Despite protests from the Central Government, Rajasthan's Chief Ministers have always backed the mining contractors, and indeed many of the mines are owned by politicians. So far about one-fifth of the park, some 60 square miles, has been destroyed or severely damaged by mining activity, which has also had a drastic effect on the water table."

In 1991 the Supreme Court, responding to an appeal made by the local NGO (Non Government Organisation) called Tarun Bharat Sangh, ordered all mining activities in the Park to cease by the end of the year. This order has not been abided by.

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