Get extensive information related to Sikar travel in Rajasthan India. A travel guide to Sikar in Rajasthan, offers travel attractions in Sikar India. Travel to Sikar, one of the Rajasthan's most important tourist destinations included in the 'Open Air Art Gallery' of Shekhawati and also explore the colossal Sikar's Deogarh Fort in Rajasthan, India.

India - Rajasthan - Sikar Travel Guide

Sikar Travel Guide

Distance : 115km from Jaipur, 299km from Delhi
Populationn : 148,000
STD :01572

¤ Sikar Lies In Shekhawati Region

Sikar is one of the three district which come under Shekhawati, the land of murals. The region belonged to the Shekhawat thakurs (chieftains), descendents of the enterprising Rao Shekha who founded this principality sometime in the 15th century (see History of Shekhawati for more). After a series of ups and downs, Sikar, the largest thikana (feudatory state) under the Jaipur State, passed on to the hands of the Shekhawat Rajput Daulat Singh in 1687AD. The man laid some good plans for the capital's buildup which were later realized by his son, Sheo Singh. Sheo earnestly started on a building spree in 1724AD and changed the whole face of the town.
This is generally taken to be the foundation day of Sikar, although something of the place existed from much before. Sheo Singh built the palace, the fort and the first town walls. In this he was supported by Sardul Singh, another Shekhawat Rajput who evicted the Mughal nawab (governor) of Jhunjhunu and took his place. After some time, Sheo and Sardul got together and evicted the nawab of Fatehpur, Sardar Khan. A later ruler of Sikar, Devi Singh, further enlarged the town by building the fort of Deogarh (8km southeast of the town) in the 1780s. and Sikar was on its way to glory, eventually becoming one of the most important towns in the Open Air Art Gallery of Rajasthan called Shekhawati.

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