Udaipur travel guide provides with a tailor-made travel information to explore Sajjaan Niwas garden or the Gulab Baghwith in Udaipur, perhaps the biggest garden in India. Explore the magnificent Victoria Hall Museum, well known for its foremost accumulation of antiques and curios, must a visit, tourism site in Udaipur.

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Gulab Bagh Udaipur

¤ An Imposing Garden

Sajjan Niwas garden or the Gulab Bagh with an area of 100 acres is perhaps the biggest and best garden in India. Apart from the trees, flowerbeds and a zoo, the garden also has a museum to boast of. The museum, originally known as Victoria Hall Museum, was well known for its collection of antiques and curios. It has now been shifted to Karan Vilas Mahal within the City Palace complex. There is also a public library attached to the garden, which has large volumes and illustrated manuscripts on Indology, Archaeology, and History. The museum, the library and a reading room are all located inside the Victoria Hall. In the month of Shravan (Jul/Aug) a fair is held here on every Monday.

¤ Ekling Garh or Machla Magra

A little distance away from the Sajjan Niwas Garden is a small fish shaped hill better known as Ekling Garh or Machla Magra. At a height of 2,469 feet above sea level, this place is attached to the walls of Kishan Pol, one of the city gates. Once when the Scindias attacked Udaipur in 1764, the hill was used as an ordnance dump. There are still some pieces of cannons left as evidence of the military episode. Later, guns were fired from this place, a sound that reverberated through the city and even beyond it. They were fired everyday precisely at midday and midnight – with no consideration of the sleep of the subjects. The best thing about this hill is the fact that it’ll give you an absolutely fabulous views of the Pichola Lake as well the low-lying Udaipur City.

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