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The Badrinath Temple is one of the most accessible and at the same time popular of places of worship in Char Dham. Dedicated to the Lord Vishnu (the preserver of the holy triune) this temple is considered as one of the cardinal points in country. So much so that lay faithful aspire to visit this holy sanctum once in their lifetime. Withstanding all problems and difficulties pilgrims congregate at this temple for an experience of forgiveness and peace and also to reorient themselves the God.

History- The holy town of Badrinath was consecrated as a pilgrimage site by the 8th century sage reformist and philosopher Adi Shankaracharaya. It is said that the saint discovered the image of Badrinarayan in the Alkananda River and enshrined in a cave near the Tapt Kund. It is only in the sixteen century that the King of Gariwal moved the statue to its present location. Over the years the temple has borne the rigors of natural elements like avalanches and has been subject to renovations from time to time. The present’s extentions in the temple as seen today were made in the 17th century. Although the temple is located far north the services are administered by priests from the Nambudiri Brahmin community in Kerala. This tradition is attributed to Adi Shankaracharaya. The priests for services in the temple even today are selected by the authorities from Garwhal and Travancore. The selected Brahmin minister serves in the temple for a period of six months and then returns to his home town. The temple servicees also in keeping with traditions begin as early as 4 am.

Architecture- The architecture of the Badrinath Temple is quite similar to that of a Buddhist vihara and its brightly painting façade has a distinctive resemblance to a Buddhist place of worship. The temple approximately 15 meters tall is adorned with a small cupola on the top with gold gilded roofs. A long stairway leads to the main enternace of the temple. There is large mandapa or pillared hall that leads to the Garbha Griha or the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. The pillars of the temple mandapa are decorated with intricate carvings and design. The main shrine of the Temple houses a large awe inspiring image of the Lord Badrinarayan seated under a gold canopy under a Badri tree. There are 15 other deities that are worshipped in the temple. The most important deities enshrined in the inner sanctum include Kubera who is known as the Good of wealth, Lord Ganesha who is known as the Goddess of wisdom and prosperity and the remover of all barriers and Goddess Laxmi who is considered as the Goddess of Wealth. Another distinctive feature of this holy place of worship is a section just outside the exit door. This place is belived to be the seating of Adi Shankaracharaya who meditated here.

Tapt Kund- Located adjacent to the Badrinath Temple is the Tapt Kund. This holy pond is considered as the residing place of God Agni (Agnidev). This natural spring is believed to hold both medicinal and curative qualities. Another feature of this kund is that it maintains it temperature at 45 degrees during the entire calender year. Pilgrims assert that bathing in this holy pond renders a feeling of peace and warmth and wholeness to both body and soul.

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