Explore the magic of best places to see in India during your trip to the country. Let the charm of best places to visit in India cast their spell on you. A perfect blend of India's ancient heritage and an architectural marvel these popular sites to see in India attract the travelers from all around the globe. Its for sure that a visit to India will definitely will make you a fan of this country's best wonders. So next time you want to take a long break from your busy life come here and loose yourself in the magic of best places in India to visit!

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The name India evokes a number of feelings and emotions in the mind of tourist all over the world. India Tourism is indeed unique and implausible. More than what picture books and geography textbooks can articulate. India is different and certainly a boiling point of cultures traditions, languages, caste, and creed. India is not just a country but and amalgation of many entities into this one great nation. This singular distinction cannot be credited by any country in the world. Each state is an entity distinctive and different. Keeping all things aside the states distinctiveness in blended together in the Fabric of this great nation. Many provinces nestled together to make one great nation is difficult and almost impossible to comprehend. Hence incredible is the right adjective that can be asserted in terms of India.

India tourism offers wandering and soulful traveler and experience of visiting many counties and ecosystem at one and the same point in time. From the majestic white capped peaks of Kashmir to the sun baked and golden flaked beaches of Kanyakumari to the white sanded beaches that glitter in the magnificent and the soulful moonlight of the in a silver shimmer that is as perfect as a spectacle as the eastern lights and finally the greenery and soulful serenity of the North east that is sanctified with nature and yet waits to be explored by visitors.

Numbers are minimalistic and seldom reveal the whole truth about this country. However one thing is for certain that visitors visiting the country and its 28 states have more than million of memories and replete occasions for a single traveler to remember. If the same estimate is done in terms of the all the number of visitors the books and experiences compiled would be enough to write countless number of pages both online and offline and still would be in sufficient and open for changes that is the wonder of India.

Each side of this country is a wonder in itself every kilometer travelled there is a difference in terms of the cultures, traditions. Be the mighty and the majestic mountains of Jammu Kashmir that is none other than paradise on other. The lush and verdant agricultural fields and the rivers. The various places of worship and devotion and deep and indelible religious fervor that flows in some such so that one is inclined to the part of reorientation. The western part the country is known is not as the commercial side of the country. However apart from being the perennial economic center the States of Maharashtra, Gujarat is adorned and with massive diversity. The south part of India is different also offers beautiful places to visit from the sun kissed beaches of Goa to the religious temples, diversities of ecosystems and climatic conditions that are found in the four states. Finally the unexplored and the unchartered territories of the east that is adorned by the seven sister that is known for mesmerizing beauty.

There are other factors like cuisine and heritage. For tourists to taste all the cuisine of the country would take almost two whole months and understanding the heritage and truly imbibing it a lifetime.

It is impossible not be impressed by India. No where on earth can one truly experience and embed the greatness. Every aspect of the aspect however small it may be and negligible which itself is a wonder. It is most difficult to articulate India in the most effective manner and all the information compiled may not be enough and may be open to suggestions.

We have put in an effort to offer the best and the most conclusive travelogue of this country.

India Yatra - Where To Visit In India
Sometimes when are in a big doubt about where to spend the holidays most of the time we get an obvious answer: India. But despite knowing everything about the country, sometimes we do have a doubt, Why to visit India? Lets try to answer this question here.

10 Best Places To Visit In India

Taj Mahal
The white marble monument of eternal love, depicting the love story of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal....more

Rajasthan India
The land of golden sand, forts and palaces, desert safari, camel safari, colorful dresses and yummy food......more

'God's Own Country' offering you a relaxing holidays while enjoying the beauty of Kerala backwaters, houseboat ride and not to forget Kerala ayurveda massage.... more

The most happening place to visit in India. The destination of exotic beaches, moonlight parties and lot more.....>

The capital city of India and a foodie's dream destination offering a great opportunity to shopaholics.....more

The erotic sculptures of these rock temples will surely leave you in awe. Counted as one of the most popular 10 best places to see in India Khajuraho temples are just brilliant work of sheer India architecture.....more

Modern India's tech city and IT hub and also one of the top places to see in India.....more

The temples city of India. A perfect destination to seek the blessing of almighty....more

One of the most preferred sites to see in India. A place for those looking for solace and adventure freaks.

Himachal Pradesh
A perfect getaway for a romantic holiday with your partner....more

What to See in India

Top Indian Attractions
Rajasthan Forts and Palaces
Goa Beaches
Kerala Backwaters
Khajuraho Erotic Sculptures
Taj Mahal

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River Rafting in Rishikesh
Wildlife Safari

Ayurveda in Kerala

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