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Pied Kingfisher (Ceryle Rudis)

The size of Pied Kingfisher is between Myna and Pigeon, but it ‘looks’ stout and is black and white in colour. The bill is typical ‘kingfisher-like’. The female is similar to the male, except that the a single black gorget is broken in the middle. In males it is more or less complete-unbroken.

Ceryle Rudis
¤ Found In

It is be found near water bodies at its favourite spot from where it takes off , hovers steadily at the height of about 10 meters or so, eyes the fish and then with superb efficiency dives into the water. You will be surprised at the speed with which it catches the fish. Fish in its bill it returns to its favourite spot where it breaks the catch before eating. The bird is found throughout the sub-continent, except Kerala.
The nesting season is between October to May. Nest is a horizontal tunnel like structure dug in a precipitous mud-bank of the stream, where five and six glossy eggs are laid. Interestingly, both the parents share digging of the nest, incubation and feeding the young ones.

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