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HSC exam timetable 2013

HSC exam timetable 2013

The HSC exam timetable 2013 has been in news for the past few weeks on account of the various changes made by the board. Though the Maharashtra board announced the official timetable at the start of the academic year, students and teachers pressed forward the need for changes for certain papers only towards the end of 2012.

Taking  carefully into account the demands of students and teachers and the need for revision under the new revised syllabus the minister for education met with the state board officials. As part of the first meeting that was held, the dates of the Chemistry and Biology papers of the science  stream were rescheduled. Barely ten days after the first declaration, MSBHE made another change in the HSC exam timetable 2013. The Mathematics and Economics papers were rescheduled to a further date. An equal number of students were both happy and at the same time visibly upset with the board last minute changes.

Justifying the changes, the state board officials said that the decisions were made keeping in mind the benefit of students. MSBHE also emphasized that changes like these would not be done in subsequent years. As time quickly ticks by ,the preparations have now hit zenith. As part of your exam checklist here is the general HSC exam Timetable 2013.




Feb 21, 2013


(Marathi / Gujarati / Kannada / Sindi / Malayalam / Tamil / Telugu / Punjabi / Bengali)

11:00 am- 02:00 pm

Feb 22,2013 Friday


German/Andhramagadhi/ Persian

11:00 am- 02:00 pm

03:00 pm -06:00 pm

Feb 23,2012 Saturday


11:00 am- 02:00 pm

Feb 25,2012 Monday

Secretarial Practice


Political Science


11:00 am- 02:00 pm


03:00 pm -06:00 pm

Feb 27,2013 Wednesday

Book Keeping and Accounting


11:00 am- 02:00 pm

03:00 pm -06:00 pm

March1,2013 Friday


Mathematics & Statistics I (COM)


11:00 am – 01:00pm

03:00 pm -06:00 pm

March 2,2013 Saturday

Mathematics and Statistics II

03:00 pm -05:00 pm


March 4,2013 Monday

Mathematics and Statistics (rev)

11:00 am- 02:00 pm


March 6,2013 Wednesday

Organization of Commerce & Management


11:00 am- 02:00 pm


03:00 pm -06:00 pm

March 15,2013 Friday


11:00 am- 02:00 pm

March 17,2013 Sunday

Biology (Revised)


11:00 am- 02:00 pm

03:00 pm -06:00 pm

March 20, 2013 Wednesday


11:00 pm- 02:00 pm

March26,2013 Tuesday

Chemistry (revised)

11:00 pm- 02:00 pm


Category : Education
Date : 09 February 2013
Goodmoorning dear/sir Economic eaxm 17-3-2013 sunday fix hai
Posted By : Dhawal k panchasara on 20-02-2013
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