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Style Mannan Rajinikanth turns 63

Style Mannan Rajinikanth turns 63

This date (12-12-13) is special not only in terms of numerical significance but is also as the birthday one of undoubtedly one of India’s most loved superstars, making it special. Enigmatic superstar Rajinikanth celebrates his 63 rd birthday today. His commoner to superstar story could very well be made into an extremely successful blockbuster movie. The actor is a mystery; however there are some riddles that cannot be solved. Superstar Rajinikanth is one such riddle. The more one understands the more questions linger as a result of the same. His rise and sustenance as a superstar continues to be a riddle in itself, which individuals to date have not been able to find a logical explanation to. May be the man himself knows best. On his birthday friends, collagues look back and shared their experience with. Presented below is three such unique experiences of the demigod. The Rajnikanth that you do not know.


Sreenivasan may not be a known name like Rajinikanth but he is considered as one of the versatile script writers of Malayalam cinema. Both Rajinikanth and the actor studied at the Madras Film Institute in the mid 70’s. Though the actor admitted that they were not close friends “I didn’t known then that Shivaji Gaikwad would become Rajinikanth,” he smiles.


Recalling his experience with the actor he said, “He was and continues to be committed. There was a mirror in the (Madras) film institute. All the stunts and little tricks that he does on screen he used to practice regularly. Seeing him practice itself was a wonder. The commitment and the dedication to be the best in every possible thing was evident.”


Speaking about his humility and connect with the common masses Sreenivasan said, “He was humble to the core and continues to be. He still cherishes the love and the support people extend to him. Narrating an incident of his days at the film institute he said, “At the institute the postman used to come and deliver letters and money orders. Whenever the postman used to call the name Shivaji Rao, he used jump from his seat and go outside and meet him in a private corner. Curious to know one day some friends found out that he use to receive almost a dozen money orders from his friends and acquaintances back home, all in small amounts. They supported him and he still remembers them even today and even the  mass audience who appreciates him for every movie.


Speaking about this Sreenivasan, who made the movie ‘Kadha Parayambol’ based on the life of a superstar later remade in Hindi by the name Billu Barber starring SRK stated that he never thought of the actor while writing the movie. When asked about the fact that the actor cried while watching this movie Sreenivasan stated, “I had the privilege of screening my movie for him. When the film ended, I saw him step out of the theatre, his eyes filled with tears. He was looking for me. He was so emotional that he hugged me for a very long period. After a while, he said, 'you made me cry.' The actor further states “He is a man with a big heart. He has helped everybody who was with him at the Institute; not monetarily but by giving jobs in films. He values friendship a lot, and it is not for publicity's sake that he helps them.”


Viji Chandrasekhar who essayed the role of Rajini younger sister in the movie Tamil movie ‘Thillu Mullu ‘ remake of Hindi movie Golmaal feels that Rajinikanth’s ability to treat everyone equally makes him a true superstar. She says "He treats everybody on sets with utmost respect and equal importance. Be it a light boy or a co-star, he doesn't discriminate for any reason."


She said another fact that makes him a superstar is his approach to success and failure.  Another co actress Lakshmy Ramakrishna feels that he is a superstar because he does not feel like one. Suresh Krissna feels the actor is a superstar both on and off the screen. “So many actors, who've been very successful, have come and gone, but Rajinikanth is and will remain a superstar forever. He's the true bearer of the star tag because people love him on reel and in real life,"


They are a number of special things lined up for birthday apart from regular milk and temple offerings, blood donation and special meals which are organized by fan clubs and associations. So here's wishing superstar Rajnikanth a very happy birthday.

Category : Entertainment
Date : 12 December 2013
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