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Farhan Akhtar

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Farhan Akhtar Biography

•Full name-  Farhan Akhtar
•Born- 9th January 1974 in Mumbai India
•Marital Status –Adhuni Bhabini  (2000-2012)
•Professional career- Film actor, Director, producer, Lyricist , Playback Singer, Screen writer, television anchor
•First Film as Director – Dil Chata Hai (2001)
•First Film as actor – Rock on ( 2008)
•Professional career- 1998- present

Farhan Akhtar is in all probability one of the finest and most versatile talents in the Indian film industry. With keen propensity he has a handled all mainline streams of filmmaking from film conception to a acting to singing and so on and so forth. His adaptability and resourcefulness ably stands out in his body of work. This has helped him to achieve considerable amount of success in a limited time frame.

Farhan Akhtar Early life- Farhan Akhtar was born on the 9th of January 1974 to Javed and Honey Irani. However his parents divorced some years after the actor was born. His Father married Shabana Azmi in 1984. He is the Grandson of Jan Nisar Akhtar and his cousins are Sajid Khan and Farah Khan. He attended Manacekji Copper high school and studied commerce at HR college.  However he dropped out of college to pursue a career in filmmaking.

Farhan Akhtar  film career- Farhan Akhtar film career started quite right after he discontinued his college studies the actor took up a job as an assistant in films like Lamhe (1991) and subsequently and also assisted his director Pankaj Parishikar  in Himlayaputra. However it took almost a decade to establish himself as a main stay director. However this movie created a trend in the Indian film industry and at the same time heralded a new change in cinema. The younger generation in a particular loved the film. The director followed it up with Lakshya in 2004. The script of the film was written by Javed Akhtar. This film too was a success at the box office. However with too films he aspired to do something that was difficult and remade the 1978 and with Shah Rukh created another box office. However his next film Honeymoon travels did not make a considerable impact on the audiences.

However this did not deter the actor’s confidence and he came make with a movie that became a cult and at the same time also achieved considerable amount of success with his direction and acting debut.  The film success can be solely attributed to Akhtar all round performance be it in direction, acting and playback singing. He excelled in each and every department. As part of the promotion of the film Farhan  and the fictious band toured the whole country to promote their film. In a mild reflection of his struggles he directed and starred in his sister Zoya Akhtar film where he essayed the role of a struggling actor that carried optimistic hope. He followed it up with a good performance in a Kartik calling Kartik. The year 2011 saw him and  get back to direction and delivered another commercial hit with Don 2.

Farhan Akhtar Upcoming movies- Farhan Akhtar Upcoming movies include his production project Taalash including Aamir Khan.  Another one is the film Bhaag Milkha Singh that is based on the life of athlete Milkha Singh. Farhan Akhtar has put in a lot of efforts in the making of these films. The other upcoming films of the actor that have been announced include the second part of Rock on 2, Positive and Voice from the Sky.

Farhan Akhtar personal life- On the personal front, Farhan is married to Adhuni Bhabini Akhtar and they have two daughters: Shakya and Akira. They live in Bandra Bandstand, Mumbai.

Farhan Akhtar quotes- No quotes from the actor as of late.

Farhan Akhtar Awards

2002- Best feature film for Dil Chahta Hai
2002- Critics Awards for best movie
2002- Best Screenplay
2008- Best Male Debut for Rock on
2008 Best Male  Playback  for Rock on
2010- best Critics awards for Luck by Choice
2010-Bets supporting actor for Luck By Chance
2010- Best screenpaly
2011- best film for Zindagi Na Mile dobara
2011- best critics award for Zindagi Na Mile dobara
2011- best supporting actor for Zindagi Na Mile dobara
2011- best dialogue for Zindagi Na Mile dobara
2011- Best Film for Don 2
2011- Best director for Don 2

National film Awards
2002-  Best Screen play for Dil Chaata hai
2008- Best Feature film in Hindi

Other Awards
2002-  IIFA best Screen play for Dil Chahta Hai
2008-  IIFA awards for debut in 2008 Rock on
2011- Best supporting actor for Zindagi Na mile Dobara
2011- Zee Cinema for best supporting actor

Farhan Akhtar Quotes
On his role in Karthik Calling karthik- I was playing. He's a guy lost in his world. So I was making an effort to isolate myself. Lately I've just been switching off from the world for the sake of my character. If you want to call it method acting, so be it.

The crew that works behind th scenes of a film- "At the end of the day when you are working, that's the truth of it. I mean glamour is something that comes from adulation by people who idolize their stars from watching their movies. That adds to glamour. But when you are working, today especially, unlike before in 1994 when I was an assistant, there was a lot more hierarchal kind of a system, you couldn't really go upto the lead actor and start talking to them, but now everyone treats each other with a lot more respect, they understand that someone is putting on manual labour. It's not 'creative' labour though but at the end of the day he is working really hard to make sure your film looks a certain way. We wanted that to put this in a bit of focus in this film."

On the preference of the Indian audience- "I personally feel that since we (the Indian audience) are used to watching a certain kind of entertainment (the typical traditional bollywood movie) it'll take time for everybody to move on from expecting a routine typical Indian movie and accept a different kind of a movie like say Rock On!! (2008) or A Wednesday (2008). It will take a while for such movies to maybe attain a huge blockbuster status but, slowly but surely, people will realize that okay we need to apply ourselves to watching a movie."

On his favourite actor-  "I do enjoy watching Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan, and Ajay Devgan purely for the fact that when you see their body of work, and the body of work of most other actors, you notice that these guys bring something new to the table by way of a story or character."

On monotony of subjects and evolving as filmmaker-  "I would hate to watch the same kind of performance over and over again. An actor must keep challenging himself if he wishes to have a really long innings. Even as a filmmaker, I believe in mixing genres. A film must be entertaining. When I say entertaining, I don't mean that you should only make people laugh. You can enthrall them with drama or comedy. There should be a sense of variety in storytelling and performance."

Farhan Akhtar recent news- The actor has been busy preparind for his role as Milkha Singh. The filmaker has put in a lot effort in making of thsi film and hence as far as he is concerned it is nothing short of one of his most awaited  with expectation running high.However the versatile film maker as he is certainly no stone unturned in his effeorts for the success of his film. For this purpose the actor has buckled himself in the best possible manner even to the exetent of training as a professional athelete would.

Farhan is more than just a thinking filmamaker but one of the resourecful multitaskers of the Indian film industry and has certainly carved out a niche for himself. His performnace in any stream of work has ably stood out and he indeed deserves the title of an outstanding and multifacted artist. He has certainly been a trailblazer and has offered a path  specially for those who find i the struggle difficult and have  a keen eye for making a difference in Cinema.


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