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Rahul Gandhi

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Rahul Gandhi Biography

•Full name- Rahul  Gandhi
•Born- 19th June, 1970 in New Delhi India
•Political Party- Indian National Congress
•Other political affiliations- Chairman of  IYC, NSUI
•Relationship status- Single
•Residence- 12, Tughlak Lane,New Delhi - 110 011T
• Presently in office ( designation)- General Secretary of Indian National Congress
•Political Mandate- MP from  Amethi (2004,2012)

The young scion has uncertain and indecisive as far as his political career is concerned. The Young Turk certainly may lack the experience in terms of years but is not short in terms of political knowledge and aptitude. However the opportunity has often being procrastinated for the opportunity. With the party facing its toughest litmus in state elections leading to the general Elections Rahul Gandhi is certainly seen as the individual who can salvage the party to respectability in terms of mandate. By the lack of sustenance in efforts of the past years makes it a difficult task.  

Rahul Gandhi Early life- Rahul Gandhi was born on the 19th June, 1970 as the first of two children to Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi.  He is the grandson of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and the great grandson of our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Rahul first attended the St. Columbia School in Delhi and then Doon School in Dehradun. Due to security threats to the family following Operation Bluestar both Rahul and Priyanka were homeschooled thereafter. 

Rahul Gandhi completed his under graduation from the St. Stephen College and thereafter moved to Harvard’s and completed his first year. Due to the assassination of his father he returned back to Rollins College, Florida due to issues of security.  He assumed the fictitious name of Raul Vinci and was his identity was only known to the University official and security agencies. He did his M. Phil (Development Economics) from the Trinity College Cambridge University.  After completing his education he worked as a management consultant for Monitor Group based in London and in 2002 he was one of the directors of Mumbai Based outsourcing Firm Backdrops Services Private Limited.

Rahul Gandhi Political Career- Rahul Gandhi announced his entry into politics when he stated that he would contest the 2004 General election from Amethi in the 2004 General Elections.  The seat was held by his mother till then she contested from the Rae Bareilly constituency.  The congress had done very poorly in the state of UP as far as the General election were concerned till that point. It was a surprise step as many political observers expected Priyanka to contest elections. While many stated that this movie was aimed and capturing the concentrated youth votebank. Rahul Gandhi won with a landslide victory. 

Rahul and his sister managed Sonia Gandhi election campaign in the 2007 UP General Assembly polls. However the party could only garner 8% of the total vote share and the BSP came to power.  In September of the same year he was appointed the Chairman of the IYC (Indian Youth Congress) National Students Union (NSU). It was at this time that there were first talks of the Rahul  as a future mandate for PM. Under Rahul both these Youth parties saw a phenomenal rise in terms of overall membership. However his dream of deploying youth members as candidates for elections remains to be a unrealized.  In the 2009 General election Rahul he retained his Amethi constituency seat with a staggering 333,000 votes and   defied all pre polling prediction that the party would not fare that well.  In 2012 the politician was arrested as he was supporting the agitating farmers in Bhatta Parsaul village.

However the biggest setback for him came in the 2012 UP Assembly elections. He campaigned extensively for the cause. Understanding the fact that had Congress made in the elections it would have made a major difference to the party.  While Samajwadi Party swept the election the congress managed to win only 26 seats that is an increase of just 6 from 2007. While the party defended the elections and the cause of failure, Rahul accepted the blame for the loss. As a politician he has laid emphasis on the Promotion of primary education; issues related to the empowerment of the dalits and other oppressed sections of society; preservation of marine environment; international affairs.

Rahul Gandhi Personal Life- In 2004, Rahul Gandhi told the press that he has a girlfriend Veronique Cartelli, a Spanish architect who lives in Venezuela. However the politician has been very tight lipped as far as his personal life is concerned.  Rahul Gandhi is one who spends his time in recreation literally and enjoys reading. In particular he enjoys reading books particularly History, Sociology, International Relations, Development, Management, Biographies. He also enjoys playing Chess and flying.  Plus he is a one who travels wide and it is known fact as he has travelled extensively both in India and abroad.
Rahul Gandhi Quotes-
•On being PM- “I am not obsessed with being PM.”
•His present mission- “My place right now is among the people. My place right now is to learn and understand so that I can serve my people and party better.”
•On shielding responsibility-“ I am ready to take the responsibility of (leading) the party in the state if the high command asks. If the Central leadership gives me the responsibility, I can turn around the fortunes of the party in the state.”
•Political perspective- “I will speak to you tomorrow and till then I will sit there (among the delegates).”
•Funny Quote- “ The prices of oil have skyrocketed. The inflation in the prices of oil has tormented individual so much so that the commoner will produce oil and the price will deflate on its own.”

Rahul Gandhi Controversies- Rahul Gandhi has been a stranger as far as controversy is concerned.  Though he has completed his M. Phil there were question raised as to how he completed his degree without first doing his masters.  Due to securities reasons he had to withdraw his identity and study at Rollens College. Another impending question remains as to why the politician is unmarried. Both his grandmother and father had to struggle for the acceptance of their love for their parents. However the same can be said about Rahul. The scion according to rumours has been said to  be dating a Coloumbian girl Juanita. Rahul visits around the country have also come under the scanner  and many observers are quick top name it as publicity stunts.

Rahul Gandhi books:
•There has been only book written on the politician and the book is titled Decoding Rahul Gandhi
Written by his personal biographer it tracks the series of events  in life from his early days to the college and ends with his political career. The politician has not been known for giving interviews,but this book was written after a series of interactions with the politician. The book written by Aarthi Ramchandra is published by Westland Publishers. The book throws light on the factors that have shaped him as a person and politician. It details his working style, which is nearer to a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, and the role played by the members of his A-Team (which includes Kanishka Singh and Sachin Rao).

Rahul Gandhi Net worth/ Assets- In 2004, he declared total assets of Rs 22 lakh. In five years, the assets of the first-time MP have shot up 10 times to 2.25 crore. In 2004, he held bank deposits of Rs 11 lakh, £30,000 and $19,200; shares of Rs 3.9 lakh; LIC and other savings certificates in Rs 3.80 lakh; jewellery worth Rs 1.25 lakh; and a farm house worth Rs 9.8 lakh. In 2009, he holds bank deposits of about Rs 20 lakh, LIC and other savings certificates of Rs 10.2 lakh; land worth Rs 40 lakh, jewellery worth Rs 1.5 lakh; and two shops in a mall worth Rs 1.63 crore.
Rahul Gandhi latest  News-     
Test Rahul and his brother in Law for Drugs: Akalis
In response to the allegations made by the Congress General Secretary statement the Akali Dal responded by saying that Rahul and Robert Vadra needed to be tested in instead. This statement was made after Rahul Gandhi has said in a public rally that 7 out of 10 youth in Punjab have a drug problem. He concluded that the drugs provided far exceed the demand for the same. The akalis stated that Rahul Gandhi and Robert Vadra should undergo a dope test to prove that they are not addicts before making such comments about Punjab's youth. The Alkalis also stated that Rahul Gandhi should apologize for the same.


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