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Vineet Jain

Category : Businessmen
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Vineet Jain Biography

Vineet Jain 

•Designation- Managing Director of the Times Group 
•Net worth- USD 60 billion 
•Nationality- Indian
•Ethnicity- Gujarati
 Jain is credited for the sucessful expansion of the company specially utilising the internet and the television which are today the mass mediums of communication. He is credited to have a mind and business accumen that works with the times.  His overwhelming vision and  accumen specially in startergising and diversification have stood the company in good stead. The younger Jain has certainly come a long way and as far as  business endevaours  are concerned  and the King of the Fifth estate is  not done with as yet. 
Vineet Jain Business career-  The business career of India's media mogul is awe inspiring at the same time also evokes admiration . The reason for this his keen foresight. He started off in the company in the year 1986. He started with what was considered as unthinkable at that time. No other pubication in the country was doing it. There was also an imminent fear of overshooting costs by a huge margin. However the challenge was willingly accepted and the Times of India in particular the Saturday Times beacme he first newspaper weekly newspaper to be printed in color. Much like Samir Jain, Vineet Jain was also intent on making the most of his liberalisation reforms and the new prospects that were available as a result of the same. . He was also instrumental in defining the advertisers interest in work coupled with journalism in adequately meeting the demands  and gratifications of the audience. However his most remarkable contribution this far remains his use of the internet and television. At that time his efforts were hardlined by skeptics but his did mean the end of his endevaours.  He was responsible for creating a model that gave a new perspective to news meeting the demands of television and the internet. 

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