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Mahabaleshwar is a city in Maharashtra state of India. Here you will find best places to visit and see in Mahabaleshwar.

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Home / Maharashtra / Mahabaleshwar / Places to see in Mahabaleshwar

Places to see in Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is known for picterseque beauty against the background of the mighty and awe inspiring western ghats. The hillstation of Mahabaleshwar is often referred to as oje of the best hillstations to be embellished with nature.The simple reason for this is that the ambience of the environment is peaceful. The evergreen sylvans and the long beautiful roads the dense forest and also for its wide variety of forest produce that is readily availble.Apart from this Mahablehwar alo offers tourists with the prospect of various recreational actvities and actvities to unwind and enjoy while on stay in the beautiful and serene hillstation of the Western Ghats.

Places to see in Mahabaleshwar

Being a picteresque hillstation Mahabaleshwar is known for its many points and Peaks from tourist can capture a perfect panraomic view and beauty of the surroundings which is an unparallel and at the same time offers an enriching experince. Most of the peaks and view points are prefered by tourists particaularly for this reason.

Wilson's Point- Wilson point is also knonwn as Sunrise point. Located at an elevation of 4710 feet above sealevel and is a vast mountain pleateau.There are three mansonary mountains.Tourists flocks to Wilson's point specailly during sunset. The view of the sunset is most characterisitc feature of the Peak. The sight of the reddish sun setting setting down on the verdant lanscape of Mahableswar is certainly a delight for toutrists. Travelers are treated to the movementsof the sun and is certainly a natural spectacle that tourists who surely cherish.

Connaught point- This is the second highest peak in the hillstation of Mahabaleshwar. The characteristic feature of this point to the onlooker is the verdant lanscape that from afar gives the traveler an impression that the point is covered with lush evergreen carpet of vegetation on each side which itself is a treat for the eyes. The carpets appear to roll down form the peak and as such make up the perfect and the most unique scenery on offer. Tourists flock to thsi place firstly to experince nature in its sublime radiance and bounty and at the same time to experince the healing and the tranquil ambience of the environment.Tourist flock to this place particularly during sunrise and sunset to catch the glimpse of nature basking in refelection of the sun's movements.

Arthur's Seat- Arthur's seat is considered as the queen of all points in hillstation Of Mahabaleshwar. This seat is often reffered to the "Great Outdoors in India" and is startification is compared to the Great Grand Canyon that is found in the US.It is facinating for this reason that the lush green Shallow valley is surrounded by the greenery on both sides and in particular the arrangement of rocks on the southern side of the Arthur seat is he distinguishing point that links this startification to the that of the Grand Canyon. The place is named after the Arthur Mallet who was the first man to come to this place and set up a small house. This place also is also the geographical marking point that distinguishes both the Deccan and the Konkan region.The spring located across the steps often referred as Tiger Spring is said to be the statrting point of the River Savtri. Arthur Seat also offers a panaromic view and awe inspiring view of the Krishna Valley and the waters of the Dhom Dam. Another point should be visited is located to the southern most part of the Seat also refered to as Echo Point.

Baghdad point- It is another beautiful example of a scenic point and is situated on the situated a few kilometers away form the village of Moleshwar.The geographicl characteristic of the region is that is offers a panaromic and scenic view of the backwaters of the Koyna Dam and the river Solashi that around which there is nestled a little villages that are surrounded with green vegetation and vast green slopes of the Merwar pleateau.

Gaolanipoint- The Gaolani point is also an important point on in Mahabaleshwar and a well frequented tourist destination.Situated at about 7 km the point is one the Tapola Road and is in the village Maharola. Getting to the place is not as diffcult as it may seem to be. The point is located above the Zolachi Pass that offers the scenery and the confluence of two valleys and either side of the point.

Another feature of the natural trail of Mahabaleshwar are the scenic and cascading waterfalls. The waterfalls are sublime and majestic and are true and magnificent sight to behold.The serenity waters flow in abundance only during the rainy season but offers warmth and solitude that is truily mesemerising. Among the waterfalls present in the region the most significant of these include the Chinamans, Lingmala & Dhobi waterfalls. Once in full streams the waters are celstial in beauty and at times it becomes very hard to describe this phenomenon of nature.

The other famous places and the holy shrines in Mahabaleshwar are stated below

PratapGadh- Loacated at 25 km from the hillstation of Mahabaleshwar, Pratapgarh is blessed with natural beauty. Pratapgarh has a deep historical significance. Pratapgadh houses the tomb of Afzalkhan at thr toe of the mountain.There is a temple of bhavani Mata was instituted by the great Maratha warrior Chatrapati Shivajiraje Bhosle and a statue of Shivaji Maharja can also be found in Bale Killa.

Table Land- Table land is an important tourist destination and at the same time an important geographical features speciually for tourists visiting the place.Located at an levation above seal level the view in and around the Table land is simply the best that one can possibly imagine.

Religious places to see in Mahabaleshwar:

Panchaganga Mandir- As per Hindu mythology and scriptures it is believed that the five sacred rivers krishna, venna, koyna, Savitri & gayatri flow and meet in confluence in five spirngs that are seen in the region. There are seen flowing form five conduits in and around the place and empty the waters the Gaomukh and falls into the cistern. The confluence of the rivers coupled with the religious dates and auspicious time.Hence devotees visit the temple specially during the mandated time so as to experince the benfits of their visit.

Shri Karthikeya Temple- This temple is located in the Rajgiri Caves and as such is an important and temple deicated to the LOrd Murugan who is also invoked as Karthikeyan.haipooyam festival during January-February month is celebrated here with lots of enthusiasm. Thousands of devotees visit this temple during this period. The temple exudes an environment of warmth and serenity and is best for devotees and seculat travelers who wish their spend their time in relaxation and meditation.

Mahabaleshwar Temple- Mahabaleshwar temple has the principal diety of the Lord Shiva. The boundaries of the temple are encircled by 5 feet long stong walls and are named after the great Lord Mahabali that is known for it strength. The temple is divided into two chambers one is the inner chamber that comprises of the sanctum and secondly the outer chamber that has the central wall. Devotees and visitors offer prayer and supplications to the Shiv lingam that eptiomises the dvine presence.

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