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Narendra Modi

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Narendra Modi Biography

•Full name-  Narendra  Damodardas Modi
•Born- 17th September, 1950 in Vadnagar, Gujarat
•Political Party- Bharitya Janata Party (BJP)
•Residence- Gandhinagar, Gujarat , India
•Presently in office- Leader of the Opposition in Loksabha
•Post held (incumbent)- Chief Minister of  Gujarat (7th October 2001 to present)

A strong man possessing unparallel political proclivity that is an example to follow for others. He is known for his keen and astute foresight that is backed with well grounded organizational skills. The best possible model of this is the development that he has been able to infuse in governance and Gujarat has been a beneficiary of the same. With a stable economic and political atmosphere the minister has been able to infuse a trust and respect that radiates in the minds of the people. His action oriented style of administration and his unapologetic stance in opposition makes him a leader with distinctiveness.
Narendra Modi Early Life-
Narendra Damodardas Modi was  born in simple middle class Hindu family. As young teenager he used to run a tea stall along with his brother. He completed his schooling from Vadnagar and then went on to complete his graduation and earn a master’s degree in political science from the University of Gujarat.  He served in the Indian Army in transit during the Indo Pak War. In his school days he  worked as a full time organizer for the ABVP. He was also in Anti Corruption Reconstruction Movement Navnirman before be nominated for BJP.  He also worked with the Rashtritya Swayam sevaks (RSS).

Narendra Modi Political Career- Narendra Modi started his political career as a student member and further on as an organizer. He was also an active part of the agitation movement during the dreaded months of emergency.  He stood by the people and fought a spirited battle against the fascist acts of the central government. Modi entered mainstream politics in 1987 by joining the Bharatiya Janata Party and worked for the Gujarat unit of the party. It was because of his proven talent as an effective organizer that he grew to the post of General Secretary of the party (Gujarat Unit) within a year.

He created a strong cadre base for the party in Gujarat, working in partnership with Shankarsingh Vaghela. Working under a master strategist like Modi, BJP started gaining political mileage in Gujarat and managed to ascend to power with a two-thirds majority in 1995. Since then, the BJP is successfully ruling Gujarat till now. He went on to organize a series of national events between 1988 to 1995. His efforts and strenuous hardwork paid dividends and he was elected as the National Secretary of the party in 1995.  It was a rare privilege for a leader at that time but he earned it through hardwork and struggle.  He was elected as the BJP General Secretary from 1998 to 2001. After Keshubhai Patel was removed from power in 2001 he was made Chief Minister of Gujarat. 

Following the 2002 riots in Gujarat  he offered to resign from office and however he did not lose his mandate and was  reelected again in 2007 with a thumping majority. Modi was considered and is still considered responsible  and his US  Visa was denied. Although this can be described as the darkest part of his stinct he is considered wholly and solely as the architect of change in the state.  He was instrumental in uplifting the shrinking economy of Gujarat post the 2001 earthquake. 

In the first year of his tenure itself the state recorded an unprecedented growth rate of 10 percent. He is attributed for setting up of agricultural research labs. He is also responsible for the holistic development of healthcare in the state.  Apart from that he has also laid emphasis on education, electrification and providing broadband facilties to villages in the state.  The development and the progress that the state has attained in his tenure is certainly worth mentioning. Today Gujarat and its model of governance has  become an example for others to follow.

Narendra Modi Personal Life- Narendra Modi is one individual who had kept his personal life under wraps. He is unmarried though there have been claims that he has been married. The claim has never been proved. On a personal front this prolific politician and administrator loves literature and poetry and is also known for the various poems that he has penned.

Narendra Modi quotes-
On his government stand-“ BJP is not interested in spreading lies and development done by my government is evident in Gujarat .”
Recent Comments on Robert Vadra-“ But when 'jamai raja' (Vadra) got entangled in a controversy, all Congress ministers in the Union government rushed to defend him.”
On the latest  surrounding the government- “But after the allegations, the entire Delhi sultanate was caught in such a fear that they felt this was a big storm ... a big scandal and they should do something to save him, and the entire Manmohan Singh government came out in his defence.”
On the path shown by Gujarat-“ Gujarat has always shown a new path to the country. Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel led the country for freedom and now Gujarat is leading the country in many fields like agriculture, education and petrochemicals.”
West will never learn India and its traditions-“ People in the West have created a wrong impression of Indians because we worship trees. We term trees as deities, yet cut them down. Similarly, Hindu gods are associated with one or another animal, bird or tree. This teaches us to respect them.”
Advice to the UPA-“  Gujarat will continue its journey on the path of development. I also appeal to the UPA government to pursue the path of development.”
Public mandate-“  In democracy people's verdict is final. This time people have mandated us to sit in the opposition again and the Congress and the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) have been given the mandate to rule.”
Need for change-“ Congress has become a 125-year-old elderly woman and is a burden for the country. India needs the '29-year-old-young' BJP.”
On religion-“  Religion to me is devotion to work and devotedly working is being religious.”
His efforts-“ My struggle is to bring 'life' in 'file'.”
Equation for success-“ Desire + stability = Resolution. Resolution + Hard work = Success.”

Narendra Modi Controversies- The biggest and the most contentious controversy in the life of the minister is the 2002 Godhra Riots. Gujarat witnessed a major riot in 2002, after the Sabarmati Express train was attacked by a group of Muslims thus leading to a Hindu-Muslim communal riot. These mishaps occurred on 27th February, 2002 at Godhra City and a total of 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus were killed and 223 more people were reported missing.

It caused heavy damage to the state including the destruction of religious worship places: 298 dargahs, 205 mosques, 17 temples and 3 churches were destroyed during the riots. As a consequence of the riots, Modi resigned from his position. There are many who still strongly feel that Modi has not been punished, there other who hold responsible for the crimes during the rioting. The (SIT) Special Investigation team has not yet be able to find leads linking to Modi's direct involvement in the riots.

Narendra Modi Books-
•Samajik Samarasata ( compilation of lectures and articles by Narendra Modi)
•Aapatkal  mein Gujarat ( hindi)
•Jyothipunj ( Gujarat)
•Premtirth ( Gujarat)
•Aankh aa dhanya Chhe
•Kelve Te Kelavani
•Paratroop Shree Guruji
•Sangharsh in Gujarat
•Convinent Action – Gujarat response for climatic change

Narendra Assets/ Net worth- CM Narendra Modi has declared that he does not own any vehicle but has Rs 8 lakhs in bank deposits  Narendra Modi has assets worth Rs 40 lakh. His bank savings deposits amounted to Rs 55,000. Apart from that he also owns a house in Sector-I area of Gandhinagar built on an area measuring 326.22 square metres. It was bought for about Rs 1.30 lakh and its current market value was Rs 30 lakhs. This was the estimate in 2007. According to the latest estimate the CM is net value is estimated at Rs Rs 1.78 crore.

Narendra Modi Latest News-  Narendra Modi BJP PM candidate, so what: Cong

Narendra  Modi Reforms-

Krishi Mahotsav for agricultural research labs.  
Chiranjeevi Yojanato to reduce infant mortality rate.
Matru Vandana for Reproductive and Child Health Programmes.
Beti Bachao campaign to protect infant girls and to improve the sex ratio.
Jyotigram Yojanato to introduce electricity to every village.
Karmayogi Abhiyan to provide education and training to government employees.
Kanya Kelavani Yojana to encourage education amongst girls.
Balbhog Yojana as a midday meal project for students

Narendra Modi  Awards-
Best Chief Minister of the Country (2006)
Best Chief Minister of the Country (2006)
fDi Personality of the Year Award (2009) by fDi Magazine. This award was withdrawn later and awarded to the state of Gujarat instead.


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